New Comic Strip Book Collection Proves that Livin\’ in Japan Ain\’t Easy But It Sure Can Be Funny!

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Whenever sketch artist, Khalid Birdsong, ventured off of the plane in Osaka, Japan, he knew life could never be the same again. Being an African-American filling in as a colleague English dialect instructor at a middle school in a residential area resembled an outsider attempting to fit in on another planet. He was a genuine \’fish out of water.\’

\”I couldn\’t communicate in Japanese,\” said Khalid \”It was a test to make sense of what was going ahead around me consistently. There were such a variety of standards of manners and conduct, I\’m certain I broke each one. Following two years of living and working in Japan, I had such a variety of entertaining stories and energizing enterprises, I chose to draw a funny cartoon about them.\” Therefore, Browned Chicken and Sushi the webcomic was conceived!

\”My webcomic kept running for a long time on the web and new funnies overhauled twice every week. I never thought anybody would read it yet at its stature, fifteen thousand perusers a month delighted in signing onto to perceive what my characters were experiencing in Japan.\”

In his new book Livin\’ In Japan Ain\’t Simple – The Initially Singed Chicken and Sushi Accumulation, Khalid gathers the two hundred funny cartoons that began the undertakings of the fundamental character, in view of him, named Karl.

\”You get the chance to set out with him to Japan and appreciate the amusingness of his encounters as the main nonnative in his town by the mountains. Appreciate the clumsy minutes as Karl\’s understudies chase after him in the market, he hits his head on door jambs every day since he\’s excessively tall and obviously having a go at, making it impossible to date when he scarcely talks the dialect. Appreciate the cleverness of my missteps without making them yourself.\”

Khalid moved back to the U.S. ten years prior yet at the same time does a reversal to Japan each late spring to visit his significant other\’s family. It likewise allows his little girl to experience Japanese culture and invest energy with her cousins.

\”I feel fortunate to keep an association with Japan through my better half and going by consistently is constantly brimming with culture stun dissatisfactions and bunches of fun. Every time I visit I get a journal stuffed with new thoughts for funny cartoons!\”

The first Seared Chicken and Sushi comic finished in 2014 yet the new Minimal Browned Chicken and Sushi takes the principle characters and transforms them into fourth grade kids going to a worldwide school in Osaka. The present variant is syndicated online by All inclusive Uclick (formally All inclusive Press Syndicate) and upgrades each Monday in full shading on their GoComics site alongside huge name strips like Garfield and Pearls Before Swine.

Minimal Singed Chicken and Sushi is additionally distributed each week in the Giggle O-Gram funny cartoon daily paper. It is the main funny cartoon in the paper with a multi-social cast of characters.

Livin\’ In Japan Ain\’t Simple – The Initially Seared Chicken and Sushi Accumulation can be obtained on here: gathering/dp/0985999810/… +aint+easy

You can read his funnies on and the child adaptation, Minimal Singed Chicken and Sushi syndicated online at chicken-and-sushi each Monday.

Contact Khalid by means of email at and cell 650-388-8943.

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