Nightmare Variations Remastered Release Garners New Recognition For Challenging Album

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Mystery Decoder Records this month will re-discharge 2003\’s Bad dream Varieties, a five-track tune cycle of test soundscapes relatively revolutionary, remastered without precedent for the advanced space.

The Bad dream Varieties group was driven by solo specialists Justin Vellucci and Dw. Dunphy and included Michael Catalano (now known as Mike Hunchback of Shrieking Weasel, Night Flying creatures), on-screen character and performer Mike Finnerty (The Detainee, Saturday Night Jaluu) and Inbal Kahanov. Every part was connected more with the punk, post-shake and lo-fi shake scenes, rendering the scholarly way of their coordinated effort – which spun around musique-concrete, encompassing music and true to life soundscapes – a great deal all the more baffling.

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\”We never assumed individuals would leave the record murmuring ensembles,\” Dunphy said. \”However, we never planned them to. Any errors were entirely because of a level of desire we never guaranteed.\”

Such errors have been mooted by time, which has found a bigger group of onlookers for recordings of this nature.

The record additionally is a fundamental perplex piece in the regularly developing list of Dw. Dunphy, whose claim took a turn for the manufactured and true to life around the time Bad dream Varieties and his 2003 LP The Look and Social Uneasiness were discharged.

It additionally crossed over Vellucci\’s initial acoustic-situated solo work with all the more sonically aggressive recordings by Dead Ocean Impact and his milestone 2007 LP Terminal Harbor.

Touching base in 2017 on the Mystery Decoder Records Bandcamp site, Bad dream Varieties highlights progressed computerized rebuilding endeavors, bringing each sonic wander aimlessly nearer to the audience, from a moving toward tempest to a hyper flight around the TV; from rankling guitar to sudden void.

\”I think this reissue will contact the general population who may have lost on it amid Year One,\” Vellucci closed. \”Bad dream Varieties may have been excessively trying for the non mainstream music swarm then yet the gathering of people is so modern at this point. I think they\’ll be extremely fascinated with their next contact with it.\”

Bad dream Varieties is accessible from Mystery Decoder/Bandcamp at:

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