One Person\’s Trash is Another\’s Treasure: 3-Time Cancer Survivor, Nathan Mumford, Visits Baltimore

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July 24, 2016
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On August fourth, 2016, Spare the Line Establishment will be in Baltimore, Maryland with 3-time malignancy survivor, Nathan Mumford, to spotlight the great open door hopeful moms need to give umbilical line blood. Baltimore\’s own particular Kindness Therapeutic Center has a dynamic open rope blood gift program where hopeful moms\’ can give life twice and give their infant\’s for blood to spare an existence.

MEDIA Welcomed for Photograph/Talk with Circumstance with Dr. Robert Map book and Nathan Mumford

10:00 am, August fourth, 2016 at Kindness Therapeutic Center in Baltimore, MD

Mary Catherine Hitting Center, 345 St. Paul Put, second floor

(If you don\’t mind take note of, nobody is permitted past the front work area/security without marking in and accepting an identification. Contact: Dan Collins, Senior Chief of Media Relations at Leniency Therapeutic Center,, (410) 332-9714)

The undeveloped cells in rope blood are capable. Like bone marrow (and some of the time better), line blood immature microorganisms can be utilized to treat and additionally cure more than 80 life undermining illnesses like leukemia, lymphoma and sickle cell iron deficiency. String Blood undifferentiated organisms are utilized much like a bone marrow immature microorganisms to remake a sick safe framework. Line blood is much less demanding to coordinate than bone marrow and has a fundamentally bring down danger of Join versus-Have Sickness (GVHD). However, sadly, rope blood is tossed out 97% of the time as medicinal waste when a child is conceived.

Meet Nathan Mumford. He is one of the many reasons we have to spare and give string blood. Nathan\’s life was spared on account of a rope blood transplant. Nathan has battled growth three circumstances and won. However, as an African-American, Nathan confronted a test known to numerous. . . it was difficult to locate a bone marrow benefactor who coordinated when he required it most. His specialists did not surrender. Line blood was the reply.

\”Every year, a large number of individuals are determined to have life-debilitating illnesses like leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell infection that can be treated with the undifferentiated organisms separated from blood removed from the umbilical string of infants. Specialists can coordinate string blood to a patient and after that transplant it to conceivably spare an existence,\” said Dr. Robert Chart book, OB/GYN, Seat of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Benevolence Restorative Center. Dr. Map book will likewise be accessible for meeting. For more data about string blood gift at Kindness, visit

Right now, people of minority and mixed ethnicities are drastically under-spoken to on overall open registries for bone marrow/line blood. However, more than 40% of all people who require a transplant are of mixed or minority ethnicity. Gathering rope blood from infant\’s of minority or mixed ethnicity raises the odds that we can encourage more transplants.

Actually, string blood gift is suggested by the American Institute of Pediatrics, \”String blood gift ought to be empowered when the string blood is put away in a bank for open utilize,\” (source: String Blood Saving money for Potential Future Transplantation, Jan 2007, Vol 119/Issue 1; ).

Nathan\’s visit to Baltimore is a reminder to the neighborhood group of guardians, specialists and attendants to see how significant line blood is as a restorative asset. Go along with us on August fourth to spare an existence!


– Word Growth Day 2016, concentrate on Nathan: we-can-beat-disease with-rope blood-section 1-wecanican-arrangement/

– Read more about Nathan Mumford: or

– About Benevolence Medicinal Center and associated doctor\’s facilities in the Baltimore territory:

Spare THE Rope Establishment, a 501c3 non-benefit association, was set up to advance consciousness of the life-sparing advantages of rope blood in view of impartial and genuine data. The Establishment instructs the People to come, guardians, wellbeing experts and the overall population about the need to save this important restorative asset while giving data on both open string blood gift projects and family line blood donation centers around the world.

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