Over 100 Police Officers Lost Their Lives While on Duty In 2016. These Fallen Officers Deserve Respect and Remembrance. This Interactive Timeline is in Honor of Them.

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January 4, 2017
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January 5, 2017

Our country\’s Cops have had an exceptionally intense year, particularly in the media. We need to convey positive light to them and respect them for their administration and give up. I work with a gathering that has made a holding, intelligent online tribute to the overcome men and ladies of Law Implementation who passed on in the line of obligation in 2016.

These stunning fallen officers merit regard and recognition. We were enlivened to make this truly sincere piece regarding them.

Here it is! We trust you think that its, as we do, an uplifting approach to respect them, enough to impart to your gathering of people!

http://www.wehavethenews.com/fallen-officers-timetable 2016/

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