PSCA Releases Results of 59th Annual Survey of Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans

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December 19, 2016
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– Nearly 90 percent of workers are qualified to take an interest in their boss\’ arrangement

– Average rate of qualified representatives who take an interest in their arrangement is 87.6 percent

– Company commitments normal 4.7 percent of gross yearly pay

– Allocation to deadline stores expanded to about 20 percent of advantages

– Roth 401(k)s are presently permitted by 60 percent of arrangements

– Automatic enlistment is offered in 57.5 percent of arrangements

– More than half of arrangements that utilization Programmed Enlistment offer a default deferral rate higher than 3 percent of pay

Interest and deferral rates in Characterized Commitment Benefit Sharing and 401(k) Arrangements posted unfaltering increments in the latest yearly study distributed by the Arrangement Support Gathering of America (PSCA). PSCA is the main autonomous wellspring of data and instruction on qualified retirement arranges.

\”Organization supported retirement arranges keep on growing cooperation and deferral rates,\” said Hattie Greenan, Executive of Exploration and Correspondences. \”By outlining plans that incorporate components, for example, programmed enlistment and choices, for example, deadline assets and Roth 401(k), arrangement supporters are propelling the interests of all members and develop America\’s retirement investment funds.\”


Respondents to the study report that just about 90 percent (89.4 percent) of US representatives are qualified to take an interest in their boss\’ characterized commitment (DC) arrange.

The normal rate of qualified workers who have an adjust in their arrangement is 87.6 percent, and 81.9 percent made commitments to their arrangement in 2015. This is up 5 percent more than 2010. The normal compensation deferral (pre-and after-duty) for every single qualified member was 6.8 percent. Bring down paid members contributed a normal of 5.5 percent of pre-duty pay, while more generously compensated members arrived at the midpoint of 7.0 percent.

Arrange Supports

The normal organization commitment to 401(k) arrangements is 3.8 percent, and the normal commitment in blend 401(k)/benefit sharing arrangements is 5.4 percent.

The study discovered 66.8 percent of organizations hold an autonomous speculation guide. Of those, 59.1 percent pay a settled expense and 35.1 percent pay a percent of plan resources.

The lion\’s share of plan costs are paid by the organization except for recordkeeping and speculation specialist expenses.

Speculation Offerings and Designation

Plans offer a normal of 19 finances, a number that has stayed enduring in the course of the most recent five years. The assets most generally offered are ordered household value stores (79.3 percent of arrangements), effectively oversaw residential value reserves (78.0 percent of arrangements), effectively oversaw local security stores (74.7percent of arrangements), and effectively oversaw universal value stores (73.4 percent of arrangements).

Resources are most oftentimes put resources into effectively oversaw household value stores (21.4 percent of advantages), deadline reserves (19.8 percent), listed residential value stores (12.4 percent), stable esteem reserves (8.1 percent), and adjust stores (6.5 percent). The normal portion to deadline stores (19.8 percent of benefits), which are offered by 63.2 percent of arrangements, is up from just 4.1 percent ten years prior.

Guidance and Programmed Highlights

The review found that 34.6 percent of respondents offered venture counsel. Exhortation was offered by an enlisted speculation consultant (28.8 percent), an ensured money related organizer (27.8 percent), or an outsider electronic supplier (16.6 percent).

Respondents revealed that 57.5 percent of arrangements have a programmed enlistment highlight. This is most regular in extensive arrangements (66.7 percent), while just 25.5 percent of arrangements with less than 50 members have programmed enlistment. The greater part of arrangements with programmed enlistment utilize a default deferral rate more than 3 percent up from 40.4 percent of arrangements in 2014. The most widely recognized default alternative is an objective retirement date subsidize.

The 59th Yearly Overview of Benefit Sharing and 401(k) Plans additionally covers themes, for example, recordkeeping, checking speculation approach articulations, organization stock, arrangement advances, conveyance and withdrawals, member instruction and correspondence, and plan costs. The report has been updated for the current year with an exhaustive official synopsis that analyzes the 10-year pattern of key arrangement benchmarking information focuses. To chat with research chief Hattie Greenan about the overview\’s discoveries, email

About the Study

PSCA\’s 59th Yearly Study mirrors the 2015 arrangement year experience of 614 DC arrange supports. The review is accessible for pre-arrange (electronic duplicates are accessible at this point).

About the Arrangement Support Chamber of America

The Arrangement Support Chamber of America (PSCA) is an assorted, collective group of representative advantage arrange supports, cooperating on benefit a huge number of workers to tackle genuine issues, make positive change, and develop the achievement of the business supported retirement framework. With individuals speaking to managers of all sizes, we offer a gathering for far reaching exchange. By sharing our aggregate information and experience as plan patrons, PSCA likewise serves as an asset to policymakers, the media and different partners as a component of our dedication to enhancing retirement security for a great many Americans. For more data, visit

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