PacketMicro and HSDC Announce Flexible Probing Systems for Large PCBs

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April 11, 2011
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April 12, 2011

PacketMicro and Rapid Plan Center (HSDC) report today that they are putting forth the \”Flex Examining Framework\” family to test huge printed circuit sheets (PCB). Containing Flex Positioners, Flex Extensions, and Flex Connects, this framework can normally be designed for either level or vertical examining of huge PCB in under 10 minutes.

\”The remarkable, stackable structure makes our Flex Examining Framework the ideal answer for testing the PCB framework in a vertical examining arrangement,\” said Ben Chia, HSDC President. \”With the 2 uber pixel Flex Scope and the explained Flex Positioner, designers can view and get to the test indicates in hard achieve areas.\”

Flex Positioner TP100 has a 4-connection and 3-joint arm for speedy test situation and an autonomous XYZ organize for fine conformities of test position and contact compel. Its adaptable test holder works with the most business standard tests. Flex Connect utilizes attractive squares and scaffolds to suit testing of PCB up to 20 creeps in the level setup. Altered scaffolds can be requested for printed circuit sheets that are bigger than 20 inches.

About PacketMicro

PacketMicro, situated in Silicon Valley, gives an extensive variety of rapid testing arrangements and offers world-class flag respectability configuration administrations. Also, PacketMicro offers one-quit designing administrations in the territories of remote sensor systems, radio recurrence distinguishing proof (RFID), fast FPGA, and programming advancement. For more data, please visit

About Rapid Plan Center

Rapid Plan Center (HSDC), situated in Silicon Valley, offers outlines in the territory of Flag Uprightness and Power Trustworthiness for GHz fast interconnect gadgets and frameworks. It offers tests, alignments, test stations and adornments. HSDC additionally gives designing administrations in estimations and reenactments. For more data, please visit

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