Phoenix Industries Names Dr. Serji Amirkhanian as Director of Research and Development Joins in the Fight Against Wi-Fi-Based Digital Home Invasions
November 15, 2010
M&Y Global Services Publishes \”The Rise of China BPO\” Whitepaper
November 16, 2010

U.S.- based Phoenix Ventures, an overall supplier of waste tire reusing plants and black-top elastic mixing hardware and innovation, is satisfied to declare the arrangement of Dr. Serji Amirkhanian as Chief of Innovative work.

Dr. Amirkhanian was the Mays Educator of Transportation in the Structural Designing Division of Clemson College and a Graduated class Recognized Teacher notwithstanding being the Executive of Black-top Elastic Innovation Benefit (Expressions). He educated and led explore in the territory of development materials, particularly hot blend black-top blends, for more than 20 years. He has distributed more than 160 companion explored diary productions, meeting papers, and research reports notwithstanding more than 200 presentations around the nation and the world. Dr. Amirkhanian has been included with various panels of ASTM, ACSE, TRB, and other expert relationship for a long time.

\”We are really eager to have such a perceived master in the black-top industry join our group,\” said Kelly Sockwell, Executive of Operations for Phoenix Businesses. \”Dr. Amirkhanian conveys innovational deduction and investigative aptitudes to help us remain in the front line of new advancements and we anticipate his commitments as we develop and grow our piece of the overall industry.\”

Phoenix Ventures


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