Fugitive who fled his New York rape trial in 1976 now faces jail for the 40-year-old crime after getting arrested in Arizona

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Police in New York say an Arizona man has been removed to the state over 40 years after he fled an assault conviction.

Todd Matus, now 62, was indicted absentia for assaulting and sodomizing a 18-year-old young lady in Dix Slopes, and was condemned to in the vicinity of five and 15 years in prison, as indicated by Suffolk Province Police.

The then-21 year old consented to drive the young lady home from a disco before taking her to a separated lush territory and striking her.

Authorities say he fled while free on safeguard and was living under an accepted name.

Matus set out to Vermont, Nevada, Hawaii and afterward Arizona, where he accepted someone else’s personality and had been living under that pseudonym for over 40 years.

He was come back to New York this week in the wake of being captured the previous fall at his home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

At the point when Matus endeavored to get Standardized savings benefits in the late spring of 2016, it was found that the individual whose nom de plume he was utilizing had passed on in 2005.

He served around nine months in prison on falsification and data fraud charges.

Flagstaff Police Office found Matus’ genuine personality and he was swung over to the Suffolk District Police Outlaw Unit subsequent to finishing his sentence in Arizona.

Matus was summoned Thursday in Suffolk District Court on a charge of safeguard hopping and was remanded, pending condemning.

Police say he will serve his five to 15 years in jail for his assault and homosexuality feelings after he confronts his new charge of bouncing safeguard.

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