Progressive Rising Phoenix Press Announces Holiday Savings For You!

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December 15, 2015
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December 16, 2015

Dynamic Rising Phoenix Press is satisfied to declare we have a few new discharges, and in the nick of time for the Christmas season. With something for everybody, we\’d get a kick out of the chance to celebrate with you!

All titles bought through our site will be marked down 45% all through the occasions. Essentially arrange through our site and a 45 % rebate will be connected to your whole buy, any title. You may see titles at This offer will gone through December 31st. Arrange shape is accessible on the site. Any inquiries please contact the distributer:

Titles incorporate however are not restricted to the accompanying:

Ten-Five: You\’re Going Home Marine by Darrell Bartell

Phoenix Under Attack: Book Four by Anna Albergucci

The Greenlee Extend by Amanda M. Thrasher

An Unnatural Determination by Jannifer Powelson

Trust by Matthew Quality

Roxy Reindeer by Linda Boyden

The Defenders of the Saltire by William Speir

Rap-A-Tap-Tap On My Entryway by Leona Andre

Anopheles by John J. Smith

Runaway Amish Young lady: The Incomparable Escape by Emma Gingerich

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