Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Lies, Lying and Laying Down the Law…

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Everybody has a bete noir that confounds them, something they never appear to be ready to get straight. Mine has dependably been lying and laying – do you rests on the bed or set down on the bed? You will probably hear both utilized however which is right?

Snappy reply: You rests today however yesterday you set down. Unintelligible?

Clarification: The verb \’to lie\’ is intransitive – it doesn\’t take a protest. You lie – as in, you tell a lie; you may lie about something however you don\’t lie something – no immediate question.

On the other hand

You rests; once more, no immediate protest, you may lie on the bed, however you don\’t lie the bed.

Lamentably, just to make life troublesome, the previous tense of the verb \’to lie\’ is \’lay\’. Thusly you can lie on the bed (at this moment), you could lie on the bed tomorrow, yet yesterday, you lay on it.

\”Lay\” isn\’t quite recently the previous tense of \’to lie\’ however. It is likewise a verb in its own particular right and is transitive so it must have an immediate protest. For instance:

Chickens lay eggs.

The previous tense of the verb \’to lay\’ is laid, so:

A week ago, the chickens laid twelve eggs.

You can likewise, obviously, set out the law – similarly the length of you are laying something.

Before we close down, how about we simply befuddle things a tad bit more…

On the off chance that you are English, you may likewise lay the table. Entirely talking about course you are not really \”laying\” the table but instead laying dishes, mats, and so on the table. By the by, you are laying something. North Americans keep away from this one totally by \”setting\” the table – so much less demanding!

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