Quest Continuing Education Solutions Offers New Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training Program

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January 3, 2007
January 5, 2007

BROOKFIELD, WI, January 04, 2007 – Mission\’s Against IRS evasion Preparing System is brisk, simple, and an economical path for money related administrations associations to meet key prerequisites of the U.S. Treasury Division guidelines and enactment.

With Journey\’s industry-outlined AML Preparing Program, makers finish essential preparing and when asked for, documentation is sent to bearers they speak to. This approach liberates makers from rehashing fundamental preparing for various bearers.

Mission can likewise modify an AML Course for your association to address particular issues. As one of the business\’ driving specialists in research, item outline and conveyance methodology, we are prepared to build up an altered AML program for your securities makers and home/head office workers.

Journey\’s AML Preparing Program gives online conveyance, following, and reporting. The 30 minute course lives on a site facilitated by Journey. Makers and representatives can get to the course through a connection from your organization\’s intranet or by going specifically to Journey\’s site.

Key elements and advantages

Maker well disposed ? Makers finish essential preparing just once, not independently for every transporter they speak to. They invest less energy in preparing, and additional time offering to and overhauling customers.

Industry-composed ? Journey\’s AML Preparing Project was created by industry specialists to clarify IRS evasion, how different items can be utilized for tax evasion, and how makers can unconsciously get to be distinctly included.

Ease ? Institutionalization and economies of scale mean your organization can prepare and track makers and workers for far short of what you could all alone.

Quality affirmation ? Learners must finish a 25 address test and get a score of 70% or higher to get credit.

Following documentation ? Reports fulfilling your association\’s observing prerequisites list who has finished the program and who has not.

What the preparation covers

Review of tax evasion

Review of Government endeavors to control IRS evasion

Examination of the USA Nationalist Act

Government Hostile to Tax evasion Enactment

Improved client ID prerequisites

Extra reporting necessities

Government evasion suspicious exercises

Review of punishments

See the preparation program ? Take note of that review the demo does not satisfy AML Preparing prerequisites. Go to


Costs are scaled by volume and can run from $10.00 to $5.00 per understudy based upon volume.

Ask at some cost cite at

Sign into get to Journey\’s AML Preparing Program

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