Rapid City Medical Center Welcomes the Newest FDA-Cleared Breakthrough in Women\’s Health Treatments

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Dr. Marcia Beshara has added the MonaLisa Touch laser to her gynecology hone at the Quick City Medicinal Center. This driving edge treatment settle torment brought about by menopause and bosom growth medications. The MonaLisa Touch got FDA freedom 2014. It is an in-office laser strategy that requires no anesthesia and is for all intents and purposes torment free. Dr. Beshara is the first and final doctor in South Dakota to preform this laser treatment to reestablish vaginal wellbeing brought about by decay in peri-and postmenopausal ladies.

Numerous peri-and postmenopausal ladies encounter gynecologic wellbeing changes when estrogen levels decrease. Life capacities including closeness are unfavorably influenced. Also, numerous disease survivors encounter similar side effects in the wake of persisting treatment just to confront annihilating gynecological agony later.

Enter MonaLisa Touch, the latest development by Cynosure, an overall pioneer in the surgical, restorative and tasteful beat light lasers commercial center. Performed in an office domain, the MonaLisa Touch conveys partial CO2 laser vitality to the vaginal divider tissue encouraging new collagen development. Patients experience three periods of treatment around a month and a half separated. Every treatment is between five minutes and twenty minutes.

\”We are extremely eager to be the first in the locale to offer this non-hormonal treatment to ladies in our general vicinity,\” says Dr. Beshara, Quick City Medicinal Center\’s gynecologist.

Jennifer Trucano, Chief at Quick City Restorative Center includes \”These conditions have been under analyzed for a considerable length of time since ladies are instructed to live with agony and dependably put others first. This issue became obvious and Dr. Beshara worked together with our Quick City Medicinal Center dermatologists and urologists to discover an answer for help ladies. I am glad our doctors put ladies\’ wellbeing at the cutting edge of their community endeavors as a major aspect of their dedication to South Dakota ladies and families.\”

For more data on the Cynosure MonaLisa Touch laser, or to plan a meeting with Dr. Beshara, please call Madison Zimmerman-Dusek, Advertising Executive at 605-721-8346. To plan a meeting with Dr. Beshara, call the Quick City Restorative Center at (605) 342-3280.

MonaLisa Touch is an enrolled trademark of DEKA M.E.L.A. Srl – Calenzano – Italy.

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