Relativity Research Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the World\’s First Interstellar Spacecraft

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August 28, 2016
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Relativity Research is eager to declare the dispatch of its Indiegogo crowdfunding effort. This crusade is intended to raise $500,000 for the Space explorer Preparing Program, particularly to distinguish, select and prepare STEM (science, innovation, designing, and arithmetic) possibility for future kept an eye on missions into profound space on board the Aten Rocket.

The Aten Space Vehicle is the world\’s just interstellar rocket which utilizes a non-straight method of flight giving it the ability of going into profound space in a small amount of the time it as of now takes. The Aten spares billions of dollars by not using fuel and by utilizing an electro-gravitational impetus framework, it takes care of the issue of having refueling stations in space, and creates no unsafe reactions to the space explorers. The Aten Space Vehicle is the way to a reasonable fate of space investigation for humankind.

The Aten\’s Indiegogo battle offers some notable and one of a kind prizes for supporters. A portion of the prizes being offered, beginning at $1 up to $100, are having your name laser engraved on the real rocket, being declared as one of the first supporters of this noteworthy venture amid the pre-flight move call function, and accessing a continuous, live stream of the inaugural flight of the Aten and whatever it finds. For those hoping to contribute somewhat more cash, you can have your business or organization promote on the Aten amid its first notable mission to space. There are a sum of ten advantages, 8 fundamental advantages and 2 mystery advantages.

\”We are amped up for our crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo in light of the fact that it\’s a noteworthy stride towards making a space program that the overall population can be a piece of,\” expressed Relativity Inquire about Administrator and Chief, Ramesh Kris Nathan, Ph.D. Relativity Research\’s fundamental objective is to help humankind understand its actual reason in the universe. Robert Garcia, Prime supporter and COO, expressed, \”Our actual objective of this crowdfunding effort and the motivation behind why the larger part of our advantages are under $100 is on account of we need immense quantities of the general population required in our space program. By fulfilling this, it will permit us to include people in general in space investigation and open the way to a totally straightforward, and genuine space program that can profit mankind.\”

The Aten Space Vehicle will be the principal shuttle to be sent by the Intergalactic Space Order, a Relativity Look into space program that arrangements to investigate the profundities of space and one day colonize planets past the universe.

To visit Relativity Research\’s Indiegogo crowdfunding effort page, click here.

Relativity Explore, Inc. is the world\’s most ground breaking space research and innovation organization concentrating on examining, creating, and fabricating propelled space vehicles and hardware. The organization was established in 2008 and has been inquiring about and creating strategies for interstellar space flight, counterfeit consciousness extraterrestrial meandering vehicles, and modernized radio and optical telescopes. Relativity Inquire about additionally creates different advances in the fields of remote ocean examine, space science, biotech, and vitality. The organization puts stock in building answers for the further headway of humankind. For more data, please visit

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