Renee Zawawi Stunning One Time In Italy Music Video!

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December 19, 2016
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Pop – Princess Renee Zawawi has a staggering \”One Time In Italy\” music video from her new unrecorded music collection \”Display Appear\”. The video is showy, dull, sentimental vignettes; dream shots of Renee singing to a mirror and hitting the dance floor with some attractive playmate in a major, excellent manor.

The video look as though no cost was saved in getting it taped. Renee Zawawi has a sweet voice, a danceable, poppy, perky ness to her music and would be ideal for an arrangement of hot moving at some downtown dance club. The video is a pleasant supplement to her music; it adds an instinctive substance to the tune.

\”One Time In Italy\” is a rich pad discuss a melody, sentimental to the center. Both Renee and her music are arousing, extraordinary, somewhat bashful, however with much quality, both all around. (Analyst Magazine)

* Renee Zawawi verses are loaded with superb pictures. David, the statue of Michelangelo comes to live in an excellent move routine that I am certain will enamor and allure. (Carolyn Fox)

Renee Zawawi new unrecorded music collection \”Exhibition Show\” is currently live on iTunes!

Renee Zawawi party time (deed. Marcus Colbert) has been named for five Autonomous Music Arrange Grants. They incorporate Most loved Standard Female Craftsman, Affect and New Revelation Craftsman alongside Most loved Single and video for her hit single \”party time\”. Renee Zawawi party time Compact disc is additionally accessible iTunes.

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