SOBERLINK Adds Adaptive Facial Recognition To Their Mobile Alcohol Monitoring System

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SOBERLINK, Inc., a main trailblazer in versatile liquor checking, has consented to an arrangement with a conspicuous facial acknowledgment programming supplier to further upgrade the mechanization of their liquor observing framework. This new component will considerably lessen the workload of checking member photographs.

Dependable outcomes and consistent joining with SOBERLINK\’s easy to understand observing stage was a high need. The organization spent the majority of 2013 verifying facial acknowledgment programming organizations with a specific end goal to locate the most confided in innovation. Following a while of Beta testing with top Biometric organizations, SOBERLINK chose an organization that has almost 20 years of experience creating facial acknowledgment programming for security delicate offices and has more than 2,000 clients and administrations in more than 100 nations.

The SOBERLINK Breathalyzer has an installed high-determination camera that takes a photo of the member amid the breath liquor test. The point-in-time photo is then spatially broke down by the product in contrast with a versatile layout of a gathering of photographs of the member. This level of programming knowledge is one of a kind to SOBERLINK and guarantees expanded exactness, instead of being constrained to one ace photograph which can bring about false readings. SOBERLINK has appropriately named their robotized facial acknowledgment highlight AFR (TM), remaining for Versatile Facial Acknowledgment. This new component adjusts a developing rundown of mechanized elements that have helped SOBERLINK turned out to be one of the quickest developing gadgets in electronic observing today.

Casey Hanrahan, SOBERLINK\’s VP of Configuration, states, "The facial acknowledgment highlight is the last stride in making our framework totally computerized. This is only one more expansion in a long line of industry driving elements that will guarantee SOBERLINK keeps on being the most advantageous and viable liquor observing innovation on the market." SOBERLINK will discharge the new element to all clients in mid 2014.

About The Organization

Established in 2010, SOBERLINK, Inc. is the pioneer in creating inventive versatile liquor observing gadgets and programming to change conduct and advance responsibility for those in recuperation. Call 714-975-7200 or visit to take in more.

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