Seize Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Every Day by Jasmine Brett Stringer Wins A Living Now Book Award

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Jasmine Brett Stringer wears many caps – way of life master, web-based social networking expert, universally looked for after speaker, and now, grant winning creator. In any case, a large portion of all, Jasmine is a man who carries on with her life minus all potential limitations by grabbing every last day. Jasmine is on an individual mission is to rouse and urge others to Carpe Diem in their regular day to day existence and interpreted the Carpe Diem development into her new book, \”Grab Your Life: How to Carpe Diem Consistently\”, which was discharged not long ago. \”Jasmine Brett Stringer adequately advocates for the need to experience each minute to its fullest, exhibiting not only the extraordinary interest of such a demeanor, additionally the functional approaches to back off and execute it. Grab Your Life is an effective and genuinely necessary call to benefit from the time we are given.\” – Jim Barnes, Grants Executive.

Jasmine Brett Stringer set out to compose an extraordinary book and has prevailing unfathomable. Grab Your Life won the silver Decoration in the Inspiration/Useful Self-Change classification of the 2016 Living Now Book Grants. The Living Now Book Honors are intended to respect groundbreaking books, and to convey expanded acknowledgment to the year\’s best way of life, home-style, world-change, and self-change books and to their makers. \”I battle that we as a whole can Carpe Diem Consistently through mindfulness, activity, and appreciation. Grab Your Life is a gathering of pragmatic and significant direction proposed to move and engage perusers to carry on with the life they had always wanted. I am respected and lowered that my book has been decided for the silver decoration in the current year\’s Living Now book grants.\” – Jasmine Brett Stringer

The motivation behind the Living Now Book Honors is to commend the development and imagination of books that upgrade the personal satisfaction, from cooking and planting to most profound sense of being and wellbeing. Any individual who has perused a decent book is no more bizarre to the expressions, \”This book changed my life!\” and \”Changing the world, one book at once.\” The Living Now Book Grants exhibit the significance of these books, and their imperativeness in the commercial center.

The greater part of the champs of the Living Now Book Grants have greatly affected the lives of others. \”Writers and distributers everywhere throughout the planet are helping perusers sense the need to back off, see and feel the characteristic world around them, and to discover adjust in their lives. The Living Now Book Honors are expected to perceive and advance recently distributed way of life books that help us keep ourselves, our families, and the Earth sound – today, and for future eras. Medalists like those in our Inspiration class, furnish perusers with the down to earth apparatuses to enhance their lives once a day.\” – Jim Barnes, Grants Chief.

Jasmine educates and rouses others both in life and through her book. She controls individuals in recognizing their objectives and accomplishing their own meaning of progress through her Grab Your Life workshops and courses. As a strategist and ace connector, Jasmine influences her associations with construct collaboration and enhance circumstances. Oprah Winfrey has called Jasmine a \”bearer of the light,\” and Jasmine educates and moves others to Carpe Diem, or grab the day, in their regular day to day existence.


Jasmine Brett Stringer is vital of JB Stringer LLC and organizer of the universally perceived way of life brand Carpe Diem with Jasmine. As an expert speaker Jasmine talks the world over about achievement, organizing, online networking and the gentler side of business. She has over 15 years of business-to-business deals and client showcasing background. Jasmine and JB Stringer LLC have worked with a few Fortune 500 organizations on different activities and battles.

As a broadly perceived and looked for after way of life master, Jasmine has been highlighted on an assortment of media outlets. She is a week after week way of life giver to nearby CBS TV channel WCCO-television. She has likewise added to the broadly syndicated network shows The Insider and The Jason Appear; Hurray; MSN and highlighted on Possess television. Her southern debutante appeal is not restricted to the screen; Jasmine instructs others to grab their life as a customary giver for the Huffington Post and inside her own particular way of life blog and podcast, Carpe Diem with Jasmine.

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