Semi Truck Accident Victims Center Now Appeals to Current or Former Long Haul Semi Truck Drivers to Contact Them About Companies Forcing Their Drivers to Have Two Sets of Log Books

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The Semi Mishap Casualties Center is asking ebb and flow or previous whole deal semi truck or business truck drivers to reach them on the off chance that they have particular data about trucking organizations constraining their drivers to have two log books. The one log book would be what the driver would introduce state authorities at a weigh or check station, and the other arrangement of books would be exhibited to the organization. The second arrangement of books would reflect genuine miles/hours driven by an OTR driver. http://SemiTruckAccidentVictimsCenter.Com

The Semi Mischance Casualties Center says, \”This is not an organization particular examination instead of a greater amount of an examination identified with some trucking organizations compelling or requiring their whole deal semi truck drivers to work past as far as possible so as to make their conveyance early. We trust these practices put whole deal truck drivers and the overall population at hazard, and we might want more data from whole deal truck drivers with evidence of these sorts of practices.\” http://SemiTruckAccidentVictimsCenter.Com

The Semi Mischance Casualties Center might likewise want to take in more about in what states, or areas of the US are whole deal semi truck drivers having two arrangements of log books more normal. For instance the I-10 from Los Angeles to New Orleans, or I-90 from Montana to Chicago. In these examples the conditions of intrigue would be California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

The Inside might want ask whole deal semi truck drivers the accompanying inquiries:

* \”How do the semi truck organizations pay the whole deal truck driver who has surpassed their lawful hours out and about?

* \”What states are the most remiss with regards to semi truck reviews at interstate weigh, or examination stations?

* \”What number of or what rate of whole deal semi truck drivers are compelled to utilize two arrangements of books with a specific end goal to keep their occupation?\”

For more data a whole deal semi truck driver is encouraged to contact the Semi Mischance Casualties Center at whatever time at 866-714-6466. All request will be classified. http://SemiTruckAccidentVictimsCenter.Com

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