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The best possible administration of the data security is one of the critical things that open associations and private organizations ought to consider as the security of the organization information is a noteworthy issue.

Siscon offers abnormal state of data security and an incredible apparatus called ControlManager.

With its module-based nature ControlManager offers diverse elements that prompt to change in the administration procedure. Modules, for example, hazard administration, security handbook, alternate courses of action and crisis arrangements can significantly help directors. They will have the capacity to concentrate on various undertakings and all the while to monitor the general advance.

In the event that we investigate the modules that ControlManager offers we can see the accompanying:

The Hazard Administration module – it offers to the clients highlights like "Risk Assessment" and "View of Risk", which make the occupation of the IT administrator less demanding. The Hazard Administration module and its five sub-modules give the chance to see the careful investigation and to roll out improvements in the event that they are required after the diagram is finished.

The Possibility module permits the clients to manufacture crisis, possibility and recuperation arranges that can come helpful in a debacle circumstances.

The Security Handbook module – with its help clients can depict the security level of their business. Here they can make customized security handbook or utilize a portion of the worldwide standard formats that the apparatus offers naturally.

There is an across the board cooperative energy impact among the diverse modules, which makes it a great deal more proficient to work with an instrument like ControlManager and minimize the endeavors. With ControlManager, the ordinary work turns out to be much less demanding. Besides, Siscon furnish full support with their group of talented advisors – all experts with years of experience.

To deal with the IT security (it is intriguing to realize that the Danish expression is Informationssikkerhed) parts of a business is something with high significance. ControlManager is an awesome apparatus that permits hazard evaluation, status checking, methodology creation and an extraordinary assortment of accommodating data.

Siscon is a legitimate organization that works with national and universal measures – ISO 27001/ISO 27002 and associations that have accomplices from three distinctive Scandinavian nations – Finland, Denmark and Norway.

ControlManager by Siscon is the market\’s most extensive device for data security administration in private organizations and open associations. The ControlManager by Siscon can be a contributory consider the association of the whole organization as dynamic players in the security work and along these lines guarantee the most ideal joining of bosses, administration and IT divisions – an inclusion of most extreme significance.


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