Skateboarder to Ride Almost 10,000 Miles, 35 States for Cancer Research

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March 27, 2014
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Stamp Williams, to many, is an unassuming person adjacent that is known in the Washington DC skateboarding group. In any case, Stamp\’s most recent aspirations have placed him in the spotlight with gigantic acknowledgment. On Thursday, Walk 27th, Check sets out on a crosscountry adventure to show skateboarding and raise cash for disease. He begins the 115 day travel in a residential community in Vermont.

This is not the first-run through Check has been on such a trek. In 2013, he finished a 300 miles skate from Virginia to Indiana in memory of his Grandma. From his past outing, he hopes to have the capacity to cover 70-80 miles for every day out and about. This will incorporate stops each 20-30 miles for breaks.

Why leave on such an insane thing? All things considered, Check is an expert skateboard educator at Go Skate Skateboard School, and he has an enthusiasm for instructing and bringing enthusiasm up in skateboarding. Along his way, he will instruct a couple, free hour-long lessons for Go Skate – an across the nation skateboard school. Also, he will raise cash to bolster the examination for bosom tumor.

Stamp additionally some time or another needs to open up his own particular shop, Certy\’s Skate Shop, to be a nearby outlet for skateboarding in the place where he grew up, Montgomery Town, MD. In this way Check has raised a couple of thousand dollars for his adventure.

Along his trip, Check will contend in two challenges. The main, the Tampa Am, is a yearly challenge at the Skatepark of Tampa which is known for pulling in a portion of the best skateboarders around the globe. From that point, he will skate to Atlanta, Georgia to contend in the DamnAm-another outstanding skateboard challenge. His appearance at the challenges is additionally to bring issues to light for his causes.

From Atlanta, he will keep on skating crosswise over America to San Diego and Los Angeles. There he will meet with a portion of the leaders of the skateboard group and educate a free skate lesson for He will return home to Montgomery Town, MD in late-July.

Check\’s Voyage

Day 1; 3/27/2014-White Waterway Intersection, VT to Sanford, ME-100 Miles

Day 2: 3/28/14-Sanford, ME to Boston, Mama 85 Miles

Day 3: 3/29/14-Boston, Mama to Kingston, RI-80 Miles

Day 4: 3/30/14-Kingston, RI to Branford, CT-80 Miles

Day 5: 3/31/14-Branford, CT to Manhattan, NY-80 Miles

Day 6: 4/1/14 through 4/10/2014-Manhattan, NY to Augusta, GA

Day 16: 4/11/14 through 4/17/2014-Augusta, GA to Tampa, FL

*Day 23 to Day 30: 4/18 to 4/25/2014-Check will take off 8 days to rest before participate in The Challenge.

*Day 31: 4/26/2014-Tampa Am Challenge

*Day 32: 4/27/14-Stamp will take off one day after challenge in Tampa, FL

Day 33: 4/28/14-Tampa, FL to Spring Slope, FL to Gem Waterway, FL-80 Miles

Day 34: 4/29/2014-Gem Waterway, FL to Steinhatchee, FL-80 Miles

Day 35: 4/30/14-Steinhatchee, FL to Thomasville, GA-90 Miles

Day 36: 5/1/2014-Thomasville, GA to Smithville, GA-85 Miles

Day 37: 5/2/2014-Smithville, GA to Thomaston, GA-80 Miles

Day 38: 5/3/2014-Thomaston, GA to Atlanta, GA-65 Miles

*Day 39 to Day 43: 5/4 to 5/8/2014-Stamp will take off 5 days to rest before participate in The Challenge.

*Day 44 to Day 46: 5/9 to 5/11/2014-3 day DamnAm Challenge in Atlanta, GA

*Day 47: 5/12/2014-Stamp will take off one day after challenge in Atlanta, GA

Day 48: 5/13/2014-5/16/14 – Atlanta, GA to Corinth, MS

Day 52: 5/17/2014-Corinth, MS to Memphis, TN-90 Miles

Day 53: 5/18/2014-Memphis, TN to Uncovered Handle, AR-90 Miles

Day 54: 5/19/2014-Uncovered Handle, AR to Little Shake , AR-65 Miles

Day 55: 5/20/2014-Little Shake, AR to Russellville, AR-80 Miles

Day 56: 5/21/2014-Russellville, AR to Fortification Smith, AR-80 Miles

Day 57: 5/22/2014-Fortification Smith, AR to Wheeler, TX-80 Miles

Day 62: 5/27/2014-Wheeler, TX to Amarillo, TX-95 Miles

Day 63: 5/28/2014-Amarillo, TX to Clovis, NM-100 Miles

Day 64: 5/29/2014-Clovis, NM to Melrose, NM to Fortification Sumner, NM-60 Miles

Day 65: 5/30/2014-6/1/2014-Mountainair, NM to Albuquerque, NM

Day 68- – 6/2/2014 through 6/13/2014 – Albuquerque, NM to Los Angeles, CA – 800 miles

Day 78-115-6/15/2014 through 7/21/2014 Los Angeles CA to Check\’s main residence in Montgomery Town, Maryland – 2600 miles.

Check\’s trip is supported by Skateboard School, a backup of Lesson Star.

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