Smart Factory Platform Maker ulalaLAB Sets Joint Venture in Shanghai

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September 28, 2016
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Shrewd manufacturing plant stage engineer ulalaLAB (Chief Kang Hak-ju) reported Sep. 16 that it will build up a joint wander \”ulala-Stone China, Ltd\” with Aisai Stone, a speculation organization in China.

With the foundation of joint wander, ulalaLAB is making the official stride with its Korean-style shrewd production line stage WimFactory to Chinese and Asian market, the world\’s biggest assembling range. Additionally, it partook in China\’s shrewd production line pilot extend keep running by ECIT(East China Establishment of Media communications), wanting to actualize WimFactory stage to three to five processing plants in China inside this year.

WimFactory is a minimal effort, high-productivity keen industrial facility stage that costs just 1/10 of the cost that little makers need to pay to manufacture a routine processing plant. It associates with numerous sensors to quantify and gather information on the temperature, dampness, and weight of the offices, and continuous observing is conceivable through cell phones, tablets, and PCs. Additionally, with the enormous information investigation and machine learning innovation in light of the information gathered, it can tell glitch or crisis circumstances to the clients.

WimFactory has earned the innovation and value aggressiveness with its abnormal state IoT and detecting innovation, cloud stage, enormous information examination, and machine learning calculation, and won the opposition in the shrewd production line arrangement showcase which can cost many thousand dollars, consequently accepting much consideration from both the local and global market.

UlalaLAB is expecting that WimFactory will altogether diminish the misfortune from imperfections made in Chinese production lines, and it has gotten the innovation accreditation at Tsingdao Nike shoe industrial facility in last July, where the stage was at that point actualized.

President Kang stated, \”Our fleeting objective is to actualize WimFactory arrangement in the mechanical zone in substantial urban communities in China, and we might want to see WimFactory being connected to assembling, as well as in different ventures also.\”

As of now, ulalaLAB has executed WimFactory to Nike processing plant in Indonesia and car part manufacturing plant of Hyundai and Kia Engines in Korea, and is getting numerous request from Mexico, Germany, and Europe. In May, it marked MOU with Shandong Miniaturized scale Sensor Photonics to co-build up a brilliant plant stage with optical sensors. In August, it marked MOU with Sweden\’s 143-year-old mechanical device organization Map book Copco to make a keen plant together.

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