Somerset Industries Releases New SMS-60 Meat Shredder Machine

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Somerset Enterprises ( reports the dispatch of its most up to date item, the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder, which shreds chicken, hamburger, and pork all the more proficiently and has the capability of extraordinarily developing your business\’ benefits. This machine was produced for organizations to augment their yield while additionally actualizing expanded security measures inside their kitchen surroundings. The Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder is precious on the grounds that it shreds meat in under a fraction of the season of the customary procedure.

Offering a manual wrench operation, the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder has a straightforward, conservative outline that is anything but difficult to perfect and much simpler to use, as it decreases the requirement for bulkier, more costly hardware. Indeed, even as it requires manual activity, its proficiency exceeds destroying by hand. The plan offers more noteworthy security as it makes a situation that keeps hands and arms from being presented to sharp edges.

Trademark kitchen utensils are exceedingly unsafe because of the sharp edges that are unbelievably close for conceivable skin contact. Utilizing the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder builds individual security and working effectiveness as the destroyed meat has a consistently credible appearance, which is hard to accomplish by method for hand-held kitchen utensils. The Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder will in this manner increment proficiency and generation while minimizing work hours and amplifying benefits.

You can find more about the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder, or one of the numerous different bits of Somerset claim to fame eatery gear, at an up and coming eatery industry public exhibition close you! Somerset delegates cooperate with our clients on a hands-on, individual premise, exhibiting and examining new items, similar to the SMS-60 Meat Shredder, advising of upgraded components and alterations to current gear, and listening to esteemed criticism while addressing the new outlines and advancements impending available. Somerset Enterprises will be at the NRA public expo in Chicago Illinois from May 21st to May 24th, the Southwest Nourishment Benefit Expo in Houston, TX on June 26th and June 27th, and the Western Sustenance Administration and Cordiality Expo in Anaheim, CA from August 28th to August 30, 2016. The full 2016 public exhibition calendar can be found on the Somerset Ventures site:

Somerset Businesses, Inc. works in giving great eatery gear to the nourishment benefit industry. They have been doing business for more than 60 years and they are outstanding for their benchmarks of advancement, unwavering quality, and execution. Food providers, pastry shops, and eateries all depend on Somerset\’s items, for example, their mixture rollers, batter squeezes, mixture sheeters, and other claim to fame eatery hardware, since they believe the exclusive requirement of brilliance that the organization offers the business. Their machines are all simple to clean, diminish work environment work costs, and are to a great degree tried and true. More point by point data about the Somerset SMS-60 Meat Shredder can be found on the Somerset Businesses site:

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