Split-Fire Log Splitter Video – 800-733-0275 – in USA!

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July 10, 2012
Danuser Auger – 800-733-0275 – Great Video!
July 11, 2012

;  EPHRATA, Dad, July 11, 2012 – Hamilton Gear – 800-733-0275 – is glad to stock Part Fire log splitters and chippers.

See our awesome video of a 4-way Split-fire log splitter in real life to perceive how Splitfire wood splitters are worked for superior and long life!

Part Fire log splitters split on the forward AND turn around strokes – multiplying efficiency when contrasted with standard models that lone split in one heading!

Here is a short rundown of a portion of the Split-Fire splitters and chippers Hamilton Hardware stocks:

2260HT Splitfire Trailer with Expressway Tires

2260HTWLL Splitfire Trailer with Log Lift

2260TT Splitfire Trailer with Turf Tires

3203 Splitfire 3pt Splitter 3.5×24

3203-36 Splitfire 3 pt 36" Log Splitter

3203WLL Splitfire Splitter with Log Lift

3207 Splitfire Slitter 3.5×24

3255HT Splitfire Trailer Splitter with Hiway Tires

3265HT Splitfire Trailer Splitter with Thruway Tires

3403 Splitfire 3.5×24 3 pt

3465 Splitfire Trailer Splitter with Hiway Tires

3465HTWLL Splitfire Trailer Thruway Tires with Log Lifter

4003-2 Splitfire 3 pt cheerful

See our YouTube video: http://youtu.be/_0ZeIsYuqXI

For evaluating and more data, call us at 800-733-0275 or visit us at www.haminc.com.

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