Statesville North Carolina Steel Tubing Manufacturer, Steel Tube Inc. Completes Proposed Expansion

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September 5, 2016
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September 6, 2016

As of now a powerhouse in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern steel tubing industry, Steel Tube Inc. as of late finished a multi-million development that ought to advance them for a considerable length of time to come.

John Glasgow Delegated as National Deals Supervisor

\”Before our development, Steel Tube Inc. given excellent steel tubing items to clients in the southeast and mid-Atlantic locales of the Unified States. The late extension will empower the organization to additionally extend our business region into the upper east and Midwestern districts of the U.S.\”, Says John Glasgow, National Deals Supervisor for Steel Tube Inc.

$1 Million Interest in New Innovation

On account of an interest in another UV covering generation line, Steel Tube Inc clients can now buy substantial amounts UV clear covered excited steel tubing. Steel Tube likewise included a BEWO DCH Saw that offers fast ultra-exactness cutting with end-completing and deburring capacity to expand their slice to-length administrations and add extra quality components to Steel Tube\’s current completed item quality measures.

More Space Equivalents Additionally Acquiring and Stock Choices

As a feature of their multifaceted development, Steel Tube Inc. accepted the open door to add 40,000 square feet to their steel tubing distribution center. \”The extra stockroom space will give us the capacity stock a bigger stock of steel tubing and in addition offering item stocking and purchasing projects to clients.\”, said Steel Tube Inc. Chief, Mike Lazenby. \”Clients can profit extraordinarily by having completed item on the floor prepared to transport at all circumstances.\”, includes Lazenby.

Steel Tube, Inc. is one of the biggest carbon steel and electrifies steel tubing makers in the southeastern U.S. with more than 25 years in the business. Known for being anything but difficult to work with and giving extraordinary administrations, for example, slice to-length and in-house conveyance, Steel Tube Inc. is a head wellspring of top quality mechanical and auxiliary steel tubing, delivering ASTM A513 steel and aroused steel tubing, Sort 1 and Sort 2, in squares, rectangles, rounds, and ovals.

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