Stephen Hawking\’s Dream Came To Realize. An Indian Philosopher Names Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary Projected the First Ever Ultimate Theory of Universe in Theatrical Form

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The most acclaimed researcher of the present world, Prof. Stephen Peddling, has spent his entire life looking for a condition which can depict entire universe all in one go. Really, that will be the times of extreme illumination for human race since we will be reveal god\’s motivation behind presence. In any case, before procuring the condition, researchers required a dramatic hypothesis which can depict the universe and its reason all in one go. At that point no one but, one can create science to transform the hypothesis into an extreme numerical condition. Lastly, that day of human edification has arrived. Following 1500 years of Shankaracharya\’s re-composing of Upanishads, a youthful Indian researcher names Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary has re-propelled the Upanishads in the cutting edge time with the dialect and rationale of present day science. In his book names \”It\’s not a Creation, It\’s a Projection through Expression: A re-dispatch of Upanishads by rebooting Advanced Science\”, distributed by Idea Squeeze India and propelled by the Main Clergyman of Gujarat and the State Home priest of India, Dr. Chaudhary planted the basics of Vedanta in the foundations of material science and ousted all the monster issues that have been unanswered from the season of Albert Einstein.

The brought together hypothesis asserts that the key variable behind each unsolved puzzle of this universe is the structure of the space-time. The space-time has kept this universe as one element and in the event that we can open that what the space-time is in genuine, we will fathom every one of the riddles of the universe covered up in the womb of this space-time texture. Dr. Chaudhary has uncovered this reply in this hypothesis and given us a reasonable intelligent response to what is the motivation behind this universe and for what this all is going on? As indicated by this hypothesis, our universe is a goliath channel molded inflatable, made up of many extending parallel inflatables associated with each other. Also, the pinnacle of this pipe is the focal point of our universe. The human mind is shaped in a straight forward association with these parallel inflatables. In the last stage, the hypothesis expresses that human body is a live worm-opening which tries to achieve the peculiarity. What\’s more, this wormhole like structure of human body is the genuine device created to oppose the extension of universe and extend it towards its inside.

The book is propelled crosswise over 150 nations of the globe through INGRAM dissemination and duplicates of it are sent to legends like Prof. Stephen Selling, Prof. Michio Kaku, Dr. G. Madhavan Nair (Previous ISRO executive) and Prof. Pankaj Joshi to impact researchers to create arithmetic on this quite anticipated hypothesis of human presence. Together with a large number of perusers, the book has additionally come to the workplaces of His Heavenliness the Dalai Lama, Late Dr. Abdul Kalam, Tom Hanks, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts and Dr. Subramanian Swami. Witness the best conceal of mankind\’s history and find the last logical solution to why we people are here on this Planet by bringing home \”It\’s not a Creation, It\’s a Projection through Expression: A re-dispatch of Upanishads by rebooting Present day Science\”. The book is accessible on all the main online business locales all through the world. More subtle elements are given in the official site of the book beneath.



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Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary is an illuminated Darshnik and a rationalist notwithstanding an examination researcher in subject of \’Peculiarity of material science and Vedanta\’ furthermore a feature writer in India. He can be reached through his official site:

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