Swiss National Dr Khater Massaad Responds to Ras Al Khaimah\’s Request for his Extradition from Saudi Arabia

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While he anticipates the choice of the Saudi experts because of the demand by Ras Al-Khaimah (\’RAK\’), a part of the Unified Bedouin Emirates (\’UAE\’) for his removal, Dr Khater Massaad, the CEO of Star Mechanical Property, today issued the accompanying articulation in Saudi Arabia and the UAE taking after his confinement in prison in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 20 September 2016:

\”As a Swiss national who lived and worked for more than 23 years in RAK out of a 30 year vocation in the UAE which included holding numerous vital authority positions, for example, the President of RAK Earthenware production and Ras Al-Khaimah Speculation Specialist, I assumed a crucial part in the monetary achievement of RAK, an emirate not invested by oil riches.

\”Any reasonable person would agree that my endeavors extraordinarily added to making RAK an exceedingly regarded and imperative provincial assembling center point. Since I cleared out RAK in 2012, I have centered my business exercises around contributing the heft of my own riches close by a noteworthy Saudi accomplice in a generous earthenware production processing plant in Saudi Arabia.

\”I have been informed that the demand by RAK for my removal depends on two criminal judgments against me and others in the RAK courts dating from 2015. These claims are made by the emirate itself going about as the proprietor of the


\”In any case, I have never been presented with a summons for both of the two bodies of evidence made against me which implies I have never possessed the capacity to protect myself in court. Without a doubt, I don\’t know the particulars of the charges, nor seen any of the records endeavoring to substantiate the assertions, nor been presented with the judgments nor even had sight of some other reports which case to put forth a defense against me in these apparently mystery and even puzzling legitimate cases.

\”To put it plainly, this is an aggregate and outright mishandle of anybody\’s comprehension of what may be the best possible legal due process. There has therefore been a basic infringement of my human rights in regard of such assertions which even under the least favorable conditions are close to a clear business or common debate. By any global standard of legal co-operation or even basic conventionality, plainly there is no true blue reason for my removal, and unquestionably none back to a ward so unmistakably deficient with regards to any of its own legitimate legal methods.

\”As respects my own particular certifications, I am asking the apropos experts in Saudi Arabia and RAK to judge me on my own, business and scholastic foundation and additionally the many individuals of high standing and respect who will vouch for my own particular great standing and connection to solid business morals and ethics.

\”However extraordinary may be the thoughtful sentiments among the individuals from the Bay Co-operation Committee, without a doubt the legal experts in Saudi Arabia, after conference with the political authorities in my nation of origin of Switzerland, will act decently to deny RAK\’s ask for to concede my removal thus discharge me from detainment similarly as any self-regarding leader or legal scholar would do.

\”What\’s more, for good measure, and as a further exhibit of my great confidence in equity, I am set up to answer all and any of the claims in a court of arbitral gathering in any ward where the freedom of the legal is acknowledged and where reasonable and just judgments and arbitral honors can be guaranteed, which could be either in Saudi Arabia or in Switzerland.

\”As a general rule anyway, I am the person who is still owed impressive wholes by RAK and not just for my commitments to the advancement of the emirate however now additionally for harms for the false charges which add up to simply coercion.

\”At last, I am thankful to the Saudi specialists for the conditions they have given me amid my detainment and in addition to the Saudi legitimate guidance (Sheik Salah Al-Hejailan) and my Swiss lawful insight, (Mr Alexander Troller of LALIVE), concerned Swiss authorities, my Saudi business accomplice and my family for their support at this expressly attempting time.\”

The Law office of Salah Al-Hejailan

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