\’Synergy Media\’ is Pioneering A New Market with a Cinema Version of \’Fly, Superboard\’

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Collaboration MEDIA, which is set up in 2002, is an organization worked in the field of substance merging that arrangements, produces, disperses activitys and deals substance both locally and universally.

Beginning with \”Bernard,\” which was co-delivered and conveyed with a remote accomplice, it has been taking a shot at dispersion and creation business of different substance, for example, Hatchling (Season 1), Dooodolls, and Legend Saints.

By setting up a Movement Studio called \’Collaboration Media\’ in 2011, it is building up the most assorted tasks in South Korea with the capable makers and their system know-how.

\”I continually felt like there is a boundary between the remote markets because of social contrasts while offering local motion pictures and television programs in outside business sectors.\” and

\”There are a few needs with a specific end goal to pioneer another market and I thought activity could be an option that will defeat the restrictions,\” said Eugene Kang, the president of Collaboration Media, for the motivation behind why he began to make possess IP.

As per the authorities, the way toward growing new items and commercializing them is a progression of challenges, yet it is Collaboration Media\’s quality which advancing local creation with its gathered frameworks with know-how in Korea, in spite of the fact that the generation conditions are poor.

\”T-Buster,\” which is wanted to be communicated in 2017, is proceeding with a story through a cooperative relationship amongst people and outsider robots that came to vanquish the earth, dissimilar to general robot livelinesss that mostly about fights. Likewise, as indicated by the authority at Cooperative energy Media, its name has originated from an idiom \”Don\’t consume\”, while ceasing the outsider\’s aspiration to overcome the earth.

\”T-Buster\” worried with instructive angles by blending Korean in a few sections of its title as well as the settings of its characters. Additionally, it is appropriate for the entire family to appreciate since it isn\’t about fight and vicious scenes are prohibited however much as could be expected.

Additionally, it\’s committing its endeavors to extend the business sectors that it submitted \”Legend Saints,\” an exceptional FX appear (as known as Tokusatchu), in the market in 2016.

Specifically, following 20 years of household imaginative activity history, Cooperative energy Media will discharge the Film Form of \’Fly, Superboard\’ which will make its open introduction in 2018. Disregarding keeping particular settings as a re-boot, it has picked up a considerable measure of consideration since it is a reinterpretation of unadulterated household movement.

\”Fly, Superboard\” is one of the significant works of Young fellow Huh, who additionally drew prevalent kid\’s shows, for example, \”Siggaek\” and \”Ttajja.\” It likewise accomplished the most noteworthy record of the watcher evaluations of Korean liveliness history with 42.8% amid the week when it was communicated in November, 1992.

\”Fly, Superboard,\” which is delivered in view of the first work of Young fellow Huh, demonstrates contrasts with past works by recently presenting Miro, a female character, and Honse, who goes about as a lowlife.

It\’s a motion picture that entire relatives can observe together and demonstrates Apple\’s outline sense with the Law-City Dreamland where creatures and individuals live respectively, which embraced the world perspective of Star Wars.

The president Eugene Kang uncovered that \”Fly, Superboard\”, which will be screened later, will be an opportunity to present the arrival of saints with broadly surely understood characters, for example, Mr.son, Palgye and Ojeong and new included characters.

He likewise said that he will make it as a heart-touching family motion picture with loaded with fun in light of the recommendations of the clients who said they wish to appreciate the film with the kids.

Additionally, as Collaboration Media respects that \”Adventure toward the West,\” one of the 4 exemplary Chinese books, can go about as unmistakable substance IP that envelops both Korea and China which exceedingly thought to be extended in Chinese market, Cooperative energy Media is expecting to make turn around ideas of characters as a crisp and unique thought while keeping the past storylines.

Cooperative energy Media is an organization where its individuals values fun and make benefits together, has an objective of turning into a substance general gathering that makes collaboration between nations in the field of substance, by growing it to different classes past activity.

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