THE EP\’S Songwriting Mania !

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July 6, 2009
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The Australian pop gathering THE EP\’S are genuine songwriting tune-smiths, having discharged 63 computerized collections worldwide inside three years. They have amassed more than 1500 unique melodies with such a large number of new collections still to be discharged.

The EP\’s band individuals are: Plastic E.P as lead artist, Wally on bass, Vicky on drums, Vas on guitar and Michael on piano and organ.

The EP\’S have recently discharged EP\’s Beast Insanity ! (1 and 2) on iTunes which is a gathering of 27 unique terrifying comic drama melodies that their fans can listen to throughout the entire year as opposed to sitting tight once per year for Halloween. Hit tunes from these two computerized collections incorporate melody titles, for example, \”My better half\’s so terrible she resembles a beast\” and \”Creature\’s music shop\”.

This pop gathering gets overall fan email remarking on their unmistakable look and sound, similar to the lead artist\’s gold coat and Wally\’s clever bass tricks on their You Tube music recordings. Indeed, even the guitarist Vas gets messages on his dark Texan cap. The EP\’s unique sound can be heard on these hit melodies \”My Sort of Young lady\”, \”All American Nation and Western Genius\”, \”Intend to You\” and \”Well, I Miss That Young lady\” or The EP\’s Jukebox, computerized collection.

\”The EP\’s Overall Fan club\” is not just the name of their initial 16 tune collection, but at the same time is the name of their quickly developing fan base, which is pulling in significant enthusiasm for the U.S, Canada, UK and whatever is left of the world.

Music purchasers of any age can find The EP\’s music today on web music destinations, for example, Moving Stone, iTunes, Song, e-music, HMV computerized UK, Virginmega France, Amazon, Hurray, TescoDigital, (UK), Lala (US), Zune (US) to give some examples.

The EP\’s legitimate site is and their official email address is

Find the music of THE EP\’S today ! what\’s more, look at their 70 melody recordings on YouTube.

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