Tecma Group of Companies Acquires Border Assembly, Inc.

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June 2, 2016
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The Tecma Gathering of organizations proceeds to proactively grow its nearness in the very industrialized and element Mexican fringe city of Tijuana through the securing of a moment supplier of Mexican assembling backing, or asylum, administrations. The buy of Fringe Get together, Inc. (BAI) is the second such move made by the El Paso, Texas-based firm inside a six month era. The choice to grow Tecma\’s nearness in Tijuana is gotten from corporate administration\’s confidence in the present and progressing guarantee of the various and extending Tijuana economy.

Indeed, the development in Tijuana\’s assembling segment is being driven fundamentally by the extensions of the restorative gadget, hardware and aviation segments; and Outskirt Get together serves essential customers in these, and in addition an assortment of different enterprises.

With the procurement of Outskirt Gathering, Inc., the Tecma Gathering of Organizations is currently contained a sum of seventy organizations situated all through its assembling settings in Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana, and also in the mechanical city of Torreon in the condition of Coahuila. These are bolstered by cross dock and distribution center operations in El Paso and San Diego.

Tecma\’s administrations to makers in Mexico empower them to concentrate on their center esteem included and deliberately noteworthy assembling operation capacities, while Tecma handles errands, for example,

– Bookkeeping

– Traditions

– Tax assessment Issues

– Natural and Administrative Consistence

– Offices Administration

– Import Send out

– Mexico Mechanical Providing food Administrations (at select areas)

– Coordinations & Transportation

– Mexico HR

– Startup

\”The buy of BAI is a characteristic next stride in Tecma\’s quest for reinforcing its fringe nearness, quality, and capacity to serve a bigger and more various customer base,\” remarked Tecma president and Chief, Alan Russell, refering to his total trust in Mexico and its monetary future as the essential drivers for the association\’s choice to procure Outskirt Get together, Inc. \”The organization\’s fruitful reputation in the course of the last thirty-five years consolidated with its division driving solid development in the previous couple of years are a demonstration of its strength, which makes it an impeccable fit with Tecma.\”

ABOUT Fringe Get together

Fringe Get together, Inc. (BAI) is a San Diego, California-based organization that has helped more than 70 American and worldwide assembling firms start up and work effective maquiladoras in Tijuana, Mexico. The businesses it serves incorporate hardware, correspondences, restorative gadgets, materials, aviation parts, clothing, furniture, donning products, toys, car segments, and workmanship, among others. Given the adaptability of its administration offerings, its Tijuana customers extend from assembling operations with 20 representatives to creation offices with more than 500 laborers.

ABOUT THE TECMA Gathering OF Organizations

The Tecma Gathering of Organizations, Inc., headquartered in El Paso, Texas, gives benefits that have empowered firms of differing sizes from an extensive variety of businesses to build up and keep up Mexican assembling operations requiring little to no effort and lessened hazard for more than three decades. Under its Mexico Protect Fabricating Organization (MSMP), organizations control and concentrate on their center, esteem included capacities, while Tecma tends to their human asset, finance, bookkeeping, coordinations, and other non-producing yet basic, undertakings.

The peruser can get educational Mexico fabricating content by cell phone by SMS messaging \”Tecma\” to 96000, or by downloading the Tecma Assemble versatile application from Google Play store or iTunes. Notwithstanding its current Mexico areas, Tecma is presently offering its administrations for producers in Tijuana and in the Condition of Baja, California. Extra data is accessible at http://tecma.com.

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