Ted World, Knocking on the Global Market with TV Animation, \”Capsule Boy\”

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Ted World is an eminent liveliness firm made on 2008. Ted World is the maker of \”Case Kid,\” mainstream television activity arrangement in China.

Container Kid is a story where 6.5 centimeters estimated outsiders visit a customary kid. The outsiders turn into the kid\’s mystery companions. The outsiders show up as meager toys in the human world for their size, and the story depends on their missions living as a toy figure in the human world.

As indicated by the maker, the thought turned out from intuition consider the possibility that outsiders could be found in our regular daily existences, and imagine a scenario in which they were little. The activity offers the energizing perspective utilizing a candy machine – a regular protest – as the scene of the story.

6.5 centimeter fish looking like outsiders were planned in the wake of drawing up what were the most recognizable characters around us, and in result aggregate of 5 Case Young men (Fikey, Joe, Juccumy, Lighty, and Thunder) demonstrates their companionship with kid Eugene.

Container Kid\’s character IP showcase scores are remarkable. All initial 3.5million items were sold out, and extra creation is under process.

Commercialization utilizing Container Kid IP is streamlined on the objective in its outline and generation. Despite the fact that there are a few contrasts in the movement, on the toy generation, lineups of fly up, launcher, figure, and 5 ways mix figure were discharged.

President Jung Du Yeol of Ted World said \”I am glad about making the character that is prepared for worldwide market with wide prevalence base in Korean and China, and we will exhibit different items using character IP from toy market to portable recreations,\” and included \”with the power we have offering out a large number of Case Young bucks in China, we guarantee you a decent outcome in the worldwide market\”.

As per the related authorities, as of now AR versatile amusement was discharged in China with the force of prevalence of the activity. The substance of the versatile amusement is to annihilation lowlifess showed up on the AR card with Container Kid characters. Moreover, different recreations are a work in progress, and will be discharged soon.

At present in Korea, Container Kid got awesome reaction from kids through experience zone of 2016 Character Permitting Reasonable. Authorities anticipate with the expanded dispersion of cell phones, the fundamental focus of the Container Kid IP is around 4 to 10 years of age.

Television activity arrangement was communicated in KBS Tooniverse Season 1, Animax, and JEI television, and the liveliness recorded number one target evaluations among alternate rivalries publicized in the meantime, demonstrating its attractiveness and training perspective.

Presently season 2 is a work in progress with target air date in 2017, and Ted World, with its adequate involvement in outside appropriation and substance arranging, is at present experiencing different remote significant substance firms to expand the market size of the worldwide Container Kid IP.

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