The 4th R Foundation Would Like To Draw The Attention Of Our Leaders To The 5 Words That Are The Key To Becoming Wise: God Said To Moses, \’I Am Who I Am." – Exodus 3:14

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God said to Moses, \’I am who I am." – Mass migration 3:14

"You were…created to resemble God in genuine nobility and holiness." – Ephesians 4:22-24"

Envision if God was an imposter mental self view like man!

We would put the objective of life to imply that we need to know, comprehend and turn into our actual self to the degree that we can honestly say for our selves what God said to Moses, "I am who I am."

All through the Book of scriptures God has talked just a not very many circumstances to humanity. In these five words God is making the most capable and wise explanation. This announcement has/is the way to comprehension the conundrum of the objective of life – to know, comprehend and turn into our actual self. The sacred writings have focused on that the target of life is to wind up as near God as could be allowed. The over 5 words by God are giving us a decent look at the genuine way of God and how God feels about His Own particular Self. We are translating this announcement as a code to what is the genuine way of man and how man must feel about his own particular individual self. It is a piece of information from the Book of scriptures with reference to what we should get to be and how we should feel inside; how every one of us must shape the very way of our actual self.

Along these lines man must know precisely his identity. What is his potential. What are his breaking points. His identity at this moment and what he can get to be and how. Not just the amount of his potential he has created and the amount more he needs to grow additionally the amount of his potential he has misdeveloped, which should be unlearned. The fourth R Establishment has built up an arrangement that shows this and empowers man to wind up distinctly his immaculate self.

The Book of scriptures says to take after God\’s pledges. What preferable approach to take after God over to mimic and attempt to duplicate God\’s ways. What preferable route over to take God\’s own announcement and make it our own. Take a gander at how we take after and attempt to emulate our saints, even our Hollywood stars. We even attempt to take after anecdotal characters from the motion pictures and books. God is The Character from the most shrewd book of books. Why would it be advisable for us to not tail Him?

"There will be more rejoicing…over one delinquent who apologizes more than ninety nine…who don\’t have to repent." – Luke 15:7

Here we are being informed that not very many will stray. In any case, what was the deal? We didn\’t take after the Book of scriptures.

Simply envision a group, a gathering, a nation where most of the populace can state honestly, "I am who I am." Can state \’I know precisely my identity\’. \’I am precisely my identity expected to be\’. "I am not what I shouldn\’t be". " I am my full human potential". "I am my really completed self". "I am not my imposter self image". The fourth R Establishment has built up the training to make this conceivable in all cases on a mass scale.

Given the measure of information we now have about passionate insight and our own astuteness we can make it conceivable to have a total subject quite recently like math and science. We have made an educational modules with lessons and activities that will deprogram the mind of obliviousness. An obliviousness free mind will ascend to the super develop level to grow intelligence. And afterward we can put forth God\’s expression, "I am my identity\’ our own. Since on the off chance that we take after God we will be honored with a completely realized self. At that point our practically idealize inside reality will be in full control of our outer reality. We will get to be experts of our cerebrum. We will get to be experts of our life. We will get to be experts of our time.

We will end up being our actual self and our activities will no more be fraud. We won\’t search for trophies for passionate joy and security. Our joys will turn out to be genuine. Our time will get to be as near unceasing as humanly conceivable.

Security will make strides. Guard spending plans will fall. Instructive spending plans will rise. Obliviousness will stow away in little corners and knowledge will be above all else.

So dear peruser are you with us on this: might we find a way to empower man to say,\’I am my identity\’. If you don\’t mind impart this to your pioneers and companions.

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The fourth R Establishment is a non-benefit instruction investigate establishment that examines casual/passionate knowledge training, insight, human instinct, unadulterated self, life honing, awareness.


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