The Air Charter Association of North America Selects Joel Thomas as President

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The Air Contract Relationship of North America (ACANA), declared today that Joel Thomas, President and originator of Stratos Fly Sanctions, Inc., was selected President of ACANA.

ACANA, a welcome just, non-benefit association, is contained the finest and most all around regarded air contract specialist co-ops in North America. As per Thomas, the mission of ACANA is \”to improve and cultivate the air contract industry by advancing accepted procedures and polished methodology, speaking to individuals\” aggregate administrative interests, and teaching shoppers about the advantages of private flying.\”

Thomas went ahead to state that the 19 individuals from ACANA stick to the most astounding gauges of uprightness and morals keeping in mind the end goal to give a benchmark to greatness and polished methodology noticeable all around contract industry. ACANA individuals are considered among the most looked for after and prestigious associations in the stream sanction commercial center and have over and again earned the regard of their customers and in addition their companions.

Stratos Fly Contracts, a main overall air sanction organization, was welcome to join ACANA in mid 2010 after ceaselessly showing a guarantee to best practices, wellbeing, morals and greatness in the private aeronautics industry. As a delegate of ACANA, Stratos Planes is in charge of advancing accepted procedures, morals and uprightness keeping in mind the end goal to enhance and improve the business all in all.

As per Thomas, Stratos Planes\’ participation with ACANA has furnished the organization with \”the important chance to impart information and understanding to a portion of the finest air sanction specialist co-ops in North America. Stratos Planes has developed and succeeded as an immediate aftereffect of our association with ACANA.\”

As the new President of ACANA, Thomas brings his air contract information, boundless industry experience and visionary thoughts for the future to the tip top association. In his new part, Thomas will be in charge of bringing on new ACANA individuals, particularly air transporters, and adding to the association\’s development and extension endeavors. Thomas will likewise work intimately with the directorate to further ACANA\’s central goal of advancing prescribed procedures and polished skill to industry experts to ensure the best enthusiasm of air contract specialists, air transporters and buyers.

Thomas established Stratos Planes Contracts in 2007 to give the best on-request sanction flight administration to long haul, rehash customers. Thomas says he established Stratos Streams on the premise of \”giving a profitable on-request contract benefit that can meet the particular needs of each customer.\” Today, Stratos Fly Sanctions organizes private fly sanction flights on more than 5,000 flying machine for many private fly voyagers around the world.

To take in more about Stratos Fly Contract Administrations and all that they offer to the stream sanction group, visit them on the web at

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