\”The Girls & Rodney\”

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Multi camera satire arrangement accessible on Amazon.com. Created by Profound Preparations Studios.

Featuring Michelle Shelton Fit (Supervisor, Chicago Fire), Twon Cruz(The Cruz Washington Appear, Genuine Companions), Edward Williams III(This Is Not Chiraq, Daylight Day), Leslie Wells, Ari Khatib, Michelese Kavon, Carly Dominique Anderson, Terry Bell(This Is Not Chiraq, Daylight Day), Chi-Chestnut, Jato Barbee, Stephanie Hart, Kimberly Washington and Eric Lane(Empire, Caught In The Storage room, Wonder Funnies Night Thrasher: Rave).

Chief/Author/Maker Lawrence Lee Wallace (Daylight Day, This is Not Chiraq, Wonder Funnies Night Thrasher: Rave, Urban Scenze)

Affected by the television arrangement \”Family Fellow\” \”The Youthful Ones\” and \”Constantly Sunny in Philadelphia\”, \”The Young ladies & Rodney\” take after the misfortunes of Andrea the bossy forceful pioneer, Samantha the keen however exceptionally curved and dishonest specialist, Brittney the lovely, provocative and excessively coddled extrovert, Alisha the silly moron and Rodney the super irregular yet sweet male companion as they plan, lie and attempt to trap their way into popularity and fortune through a dipsomaniac, medication and sex filled dimness of diverting slips. The arrangement will highlight a large group of other intriguing characters, for example, \”Succulent\” a soiled pimp, \”Durty Drawers\” a questionably gay criminal rapper, \”Dark Magnum\” and \”Battled Kid\” two super saints\’ styled after the 1960\’s Batman and Robin endeavoring to battle wrongdoing in this advanced age, \”Dooley\” and his bumbling medication pack that is attempting to go genuine however all that they do reverse discharges pitiably.

first scene. (Pilot) Following a night of strategic alcoholism, smoking and watching intrigue motion pictures, the Young ladies wake up to discover Rodney missing. This commences an irrational paranoid fear that sends the Young ladies on a distraught and dangerous chase to locate their missing pal. Enter the road superheroes Dark Magnum (played by Realms Eric Path) and Battled Kid as they face the \”Dooley Posse\” and additionally the messy pimp Delicious.


Indicate – https://www.amazon.com/The-Young ladies Lose-Rodney/dp/B01M0P9F10/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476720704&sr=8-1&keywords=the+girls+and+rodney

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