The Heracliad: The Epic Saga of Hercules by Richard Bertematti Coming July 2014

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Tridium Press is satisfied to declare that it will distribute another novel by Richard Bertematti entitled, THE HERACLIAD: THE EPIC Adventure OF HERCULES, in July 2014.

With two element movies this year, including the up and coming Hercules from Fundamental/MGM, featuring Dwayne \”The Stone\” Johnson, the planning is ideal for the production of Bertematti\’s epic novel about the life and demise of the well known Greek saint.

Bertematti stated: \”Most don\’t have the foggiest idea about that Hercules was the subject of more verse, writing and workmanship than whatever other antiquated god or legend. Unfathomably, not a solitary epic work about the incredible legend has come down to us…until now!\”

THE HERACLIAD will be accessible in hardcover, soft cover and digital book groups at production. Perusers will have the capacity to buy the book on Amazon, and from every real book shop.

The novel has a devoted site:

Richard Bertematti is an autonomous researcher and representative instructed at Trinity School in New York City and Northwestern College. He is the writer of Venture Passing: A Tito Rico Secret (1997), of which Library Diary announced: \”Purchase this book and pay special mind to the following.\” He is accessible for meetings and appearances. For propel peruser duplicates, booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, as well as book-signings contact or visit

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