The Humanity Party Dumps Anonymous and Gives Up on American Support

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September 27, 2016
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The Mankind Party legitimately enrolled as another and dynamic political gathering in 2015. Known as Pound , a hefty portion of the gathering coordinators were once required in the \”hacktivist\” Mysterious development looking for social equity and change.

\”Probably the most insightful programmers on the planet consolidated to shape the Humankind Party . They understood that hacking into servers was creating a greater number of issues than great. They joined to introduce real answers for the objections that the development had against the world\’s legislatures and companies,\” states Christopher Nemelka, the gathering\’s just un-mysterious representative.

The Mankind Party utilized the Person Fawkes veil and the Mysterious development with expectations of joining the individuals who take after Unknown to back their answers and recommendations. In spite of the fact that Pound got a few media consideration at first, some Anon sites marked down the gathering and started to stigmatize its coordinators. As its legitimately enlisted operator, Nemelka\’s name was criticized and painted with many negative stories, which he states were \”noxious falsehoods and misdirections.\”

\”It was astounding to us [THumP \’s Leading body of Directors] that a couple of corrupt Anons felt undermined by our development. Some undermined to hack our site and PCs, which they were never ready to do. The greater part of the savvy Anons with the correct abilities to hack Web security were at that point on our side. A couple of solitary wolves got their consciences hurt and chose to reject us and remain against us as the voice of Mysterious, which is not one individual, but rather really many individuals.\”

\”Tragically,\” Nemelka proceeds, \”When a server is hacked, it influences the lives of numerous pure individuals who may rely on upon the hacked organization or government substance for a paycheck or administrations. The hacks have never influenced their genuine targets [the companies and governments]; rather, it just annoys them and makes them stronger and solidified against change. Other than being illegal, we can\’t legitimize any great or any genuine change that has ever originated from the hacktivist state of mind and what they do.\”

The Mankind Party propelled its stage by requesting that Americans vote \”Unknown\” in the up and coming 2016 Presidential Decision, rather than for Trump or Clinton. \”Like the vast majority of the world, Americans are exceptionally unmindful about governmental issues and how everything functions. Americans experience serious difficulties change.\” Pound even discharged a video to acquaint their Monetary Arrangement with End Overall Destitution: ( It has gotten little consideration.

The Mankind Party has now changed its concentration to an overall development. With this change, Pound would like to persuade the world to join under one government, behind another World Constitution, as proposed in detail on its site, \”We won\’t be fruitful – the world will never know peace- – unless the general population join and request it from their pioneers,\” Nemelka repeats. Voters can enroll to vote and write in \”Mankind Party\” on their tickets.

The Humankind Party YouTube channel is at

Media Contact: (858) 848-6787 or (858) THUMP87

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