The Interdex, The Index Handle System, and The Spoooon It Search Engine

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Subsequent to leading a delicate dispatch in the course of the most recent couple of weeks, today Spoooon It reported the arrival of the Interdex, the List Handle Framework, and the Spoooon It web crawler; a progression of leap forward advancements to give another design and answer for the excited area name arrangement of today.

\”Building another internet ordering framework not reliant on words, was a bold errand,\” and \”we found an answer which we call the \”Interdex\” that met the criteria of being effectively comprehended on a human level, yet likewise sufficiently complex to easily retain today\’s current space name framework, keeping in mind as yet having the adaptability to keep going for future eras of development,\” said Morgan Osborne, Spoooon It\’s Organizer & President.

Rather than utilizing words, the organization built up the Record Handle Framework that utilizations shading coded image stages. For instance, Spoooon It\’s legitimate File Handle is: \”Yellow Circle, Green Circle, Blue Circle, Red Circle\”.

In utilizing what the organization calls \”symformation\” to depict a sites area, they bridled basic hues and shapes (circles, triangles, squares, parallelograms, and so on.) to make interesting images and joined this with the force of complex numerical stages.

At present the framework is just available through the Spoooon It web crawler, yet the organization has arrangements to connect with the proprietors of different web programs like Mozilla, Google\’s Chrome, Apple\’s Safari, and Microsoft\’s Web Voyager, in a planned exertion… that is both reasonable for every one of the gatherings included and gives gigantic motivating forces to building the framework into the program\’s address bar.

For customers, the organization is presently offering the capacity to enlist these new Record Handles and claim their space inside the Interdex framework; like when Area Names initially began being sold to general society. On the off chance that intrigued, buyers can go to Spoooon It\’s landing page on the web at (being the main approved retailer for the time being, yet the organization has arrangements to bring on extra approved retailers).

By utilizing the organization\’s Spoooon It web crawler individuals can perceive how the framework functions, \”select the images utilizing the dropdowns and after that tap the spoon to do a hunt gaze upward\”.

\”The utilization cases are colossal, as individuals can put their new Record Handle on everything from signs, window shows, item bundling, building registries, pamphlets, business cards, sites, online networking, photographs, to T.V. advertisements, and even in favor of business planes (on account of an aircraft bearer) in the event that they so crave.\”

The innovation is Patent Pending.

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Spoooon It\’s extraordinary Internet Ordering Framework and Web search tool permits clients to ideally get to and share data crosswise over different stages and mediums.

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