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December 17, 2015
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December 18, 2015

Known as the main Hip Jump exhibit in the nation, Hip Bounce Seazon is a \”center ground\” (as the Chief likes to call it), for underground Hip Bounce and R&B craftsmen to build up their specialties while additionally setting up their fan base. Finish with a radio station on SoundCloud (Seazon Radio), a singing rivalry (Vocalists Heaven), an open mic arrangement, and a month to month feature, Hip Bounce Seazon was established by Chief/President Michael Chillz who concocted the possibility of Hip Jump Seazon when he was a 17-year-old secondary school kid. And, after its all said and done Chillz saw that there wasn\’t a steady place for Rap specialists to perform and develop their masterfulness. \”Since I\’ve for a long while been itching to have my own particular business and I am a devotee of music I needed to fill that void and make a development that celebrates unsigned whizzes, while additionally putting on an awesome show,\” clarifies Chillz. Michael has been a fanatic of music the greater part of his life, showing himself how to deliver music and play instruments. With no co-signs or related knowledge in the business, he is presently somebody that A&R\’s search out as a result of Hip Jump Seazon.

The Hip Bounce Seazon adage is \”Don\’t state you\’re really great – demonstrate it\”, and for a long time they have been permitting the nation\’s greatest and brightest best in class Hip Jump and R&B stars do only that. Underwriting off of the continually changing atmosphere of the music business, Hip Bounce Seazon has been helping Hip Jump and R&B craftsmen adopt an alternate strategy to advancing their music by giving them a stage by means of their site and month to month grandstands. On you are certain to discover something you like, whether it be an underground craftsman making waves in the place where they grew up or an article in the blog area. With the exhibits, HHS is searching for a couple of things with regards to the specialists that they advance – beat determination, snare, signature style, execution, and the development that craftsman has are altogether considered.

While there is an expense for craftsmen to perform at the mainstream grandstands, the individuals who win at the open mic rivalries are welcome to perform at the exhibit at no cost. The same goes for artists who win the singing grandstand, Artists Heaven. Eventually, the champ brings home a $1,000 prize. Grandstands and open mics occur in Manhattan and Rulers, and are kept up by a staff of promoters, picture takers, videographers, and hosts who are all close by to give those in participation a unique affair.

Presently with more than two years of experience, Hip Jump Seazon hints at no backing off or ceasing at any point in the near future. \”In music there\’s no center ground for craftsman they simply need to get fortunate and discover their way to the top. We are attempting to make the college or center ground for them to get saw,\” said Chillz. Also, the arrangement is to build up this center ground in all significant urban communities and develop the Hip Jump Seazon brand to a point where it is perceived and in charge of breaking Hip Bounce and R&B stars from everywhere throughout the nation.

– David Nazario

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