The Stewart Law Firm, P.L.L.C., Files Civil Lawsuit for Wrongful Death Caused by Dr. Pepper Employee

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September 29, 2008
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Stephen W. Stewart, originator of The Stewart Law office, P.L.L.C. in Austin, Texas, has documented a claim in Henderson Area, Texas State Locale Court in the interest of three (3) grown-up kids that lost their dad in a cataclysmic engine vehicle impact. As indicated by pleadings, on August 26, 2008, Dominique Taylor, a representative of The American Packaging Organization, an auxiliary of Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Packaging Organization, was working an organization truck voyaging northbound on State Expressway 274 when he neglected to keep up a solitary path of activity, going into the southbound path of State Roadway 274. At the point when Taylor traversed the focal point of the roadway, he brought on his vehicle to brutally strike the vehicle involved and worked by Emmett Strickland in the inverse path of travel. The consequence of the crash was that Emmett Strickland endured monstrous injury and wounds, which at last brought about his inopportune passing. At the season of the crash, Taylor was going about as a worker of The American Packaging Organization. Additionally, the engine vehicle worked by Taylor was claimed by The American Packaging Organization. In his claim, lawyer Stephen Stewart has charged that Dominique Taylor was careless, careless in essence, and horribly careless in bringing about the head-on crash and coming about death of Emmett Strickland. The claim affirms that The American Packaging Organization is at risk for the demonstrations of its worker, Dominique Taylor. Likewise, the claim affirms that The American Packaging Organization was careless and terribly careless in procuring, screening, preparing, and regulating Taylor. At last, the claim charges that The American Packaging Organization was careless and terribly careless in entrusting its engine vehicle to its worker, Taylor.

As to as of late recorded claim against Dr. Pepper and its worker, lawyer Stephen W. Stewart clarifies that he is unflinching in the quest for equity in the interest of his customers. \”At the point when organizations have operations that oblige workers to work engine vehicles on open roadways, sensible care ought to be taken to guarantee that representatives appear due respect for the guidelines of the street. At the point when those guidelines are not took after, shocking and some of the time, as on account of the Strickland family, calamitous occasions can happen. We mean to indict this case with the expectation that we can have any kind of effect in the matter of how organization administrators of engine vehicles are contracted, screened, prepared, and regulated,\” states Stewart.

The Stewart Law office, P.L.L.C. is an Austin, Texas based law office that highly esteems being on the cutting edge in battling for casualties\’ rights and keeping legitimate balanced governance set up to guarantee that organizations, transgressors, and risky items don\’t harm or mischief honest individuals. The Stewart Law office, P.L.L.C. handles the accompanying sorts of cases: disastrous individual wounds, wrongful demise, auto collisions, business truck/18-wheeler crashes, transport crashes, avionics mishaps, bike crashes, wounds brought on by inebriated drivers, damaged vehicles (SUV rollovers, faulty seat frameworks, blemished safety belts, flawed airbags, deficient tires, post impact fuel-nourished fires, entryway hook disappointment, rooftop smash, absence of crashworthiness/interruption, stop to-switch wounds), perilous assembling/development gear, imperfect swimming pools, inadequate customer merchandise, deficient kids\’ toys, blemished tyke seats, prepare impacts, calamitous youngster wounds/attack, mechanical/development wounds, oilfield wounds, blasts, harmful/natural wounds, birth wounds, blaze wounds, traumatic mind wounds, spinal rope wounds, paraplegia, quadriplegia, removal wounds, electric shock wounds, national buyer class activity/misrepresentation prosecution, business torts, and business suit.

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