EXCLUSIVE: Smackdown! Wife of WWE champ Bray Wyatt files for divorce accusing him of ‘adultery and misdeeds’ as her lawyer claims he’s having an affair with ring announcer and ex Total Diva star Jojo Offerman

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The separation of one of wrestling’s extraordinary scalawags is debilitating to shake World Wrestling Stimulation to its center, and lift the cloak on his mystery two-timing issue with its hot ring commentator.

WWE baddie Whinny Wyatt’s genuine spouse has quite recently petitioned for separate in Florida, and blames The Wyatt Family’s instigator for infidelity.

The legally binding notes documented in Hernando District charge Wyatt, 30, whose genuine name is Windham Rotunda, of undermining Samantha Rotunda, his school sweetheart and spouse of five years.

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that she is not named in the court archives, the lady who professedly made Samantha need to tap out of her marriage has been recognized by Samantha’s legal advisor as the smoking hot WWE ring commentator Jojo Offerman.

Jojo, 23, the little girl of previous Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Jose Offerman, a previous star of the E! reality demonstrate Add up to Divas.

As a broadcaster and backstage questioner, Jojo has collected a gigantic after with her daily selfies in skin-tight garments for fans who can’t make it to the field.

As of recently, Wyatt and Offerman figured out how to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

In any case, 31-year-old Samantha’s prominent Miami legal counselor, Beam Rafool, told DailyMail.com only he acquired telephone records demonstrating that Wyatt is keeping up ‘ceaseless contact’ with Jojo.

As per Jim Knox, Whinny Wyatt’s  (Rotunda’s) lawyer:  ‘I do speak to Mr. Rotunda in his disintegration of marriage case in Hernando District, Florida.

‘As you probably are aware, these cases include the private existences of the members and now and again disagreeable debate. I would solicit that you regard the protection from the two disputants in this issue and I have no different remarks to make.’

Jojo has not returned demands for input, and Samantha alluded inquiries to Rafool.

In his counter-appeal to for separate documented in Hernando Area, Wyatt asked for an order to constrain his significant other to stay silent about the split.

He asserts she put forth ‘defamatory expressions about the spouse to a few people in the group with an end goal to demolish his notoriety.’

He additionally blames her for posting lies via web-based networking media ‘with an end goal to harm the spouse’s business wanders in media outlets.’

In Samantha’s reaction to Bawl’s ask for an order she says: ‘It is a disgrace that the Spouse would make such false claims and endeavor such media gaming. Ms. Rotunda won’t just demonstrate Spouse’s charge and claims are simply a media ploy and attempt to make an offense to shield his infidelity and wrongdoings.

‘…Husband’s beguiling charges and defamatory proclamations are emphatically an endeavor to pull the fleece over people in general’s eyes when his shenanigans and issues turn out to be more open.’

Rafool depicted his customer as “disillusioned” with the pending separation.

‘Samantha is disheartened by the separation as she and the spouse have been as one since school (Troy College in Alabama),’ said Rafool. ‘In any case, she trusts that all might be settled genially and at the earliest opportunity so she and their little girls may push ahead with their lives.’

As indicated by Samantha’s separation request, she and Wyatt were hitched in 2012 and isolated in Spring after Wyatt purportedly left her and their two little girls, 6 and 4.

In lawful papers, Samantha blames Wyatt for ‘infidelity and wrongdoings’ and requests that the judge grant her their conjugal home and additionally youngster support and divorce settlement. She additionally needs care of the young ladies for a larger part of the time.

Wyatt is a third era grappler whose sibling likewise wrestles for WWE under the name Bo Dallas.

In 2013 Wyatt, a previous school football player, was rebranded by WWE as the pioneer of an unpleasant backwoods religion called The Wyatt Family. His character demonstrated after Robert DeNiro’s executioner ex-con in Cape Dread.

Wyatt is known to sit ring-side in an old recliner, a prop he has used to smack adversaries. He used to be gotten into the field a coffin conveyed by druids.

Wyatt has had a progression of epic fights and a long running quarrel with whiz John Cena

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