Tom Bibiyan – A Controversial Candidate – Gets Elected County Council

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November 26, 2016
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November 27, 2016

Tom Bibiyan has formally been chosen to the Region Chamber for the 26th State Senate Region of California.

Mr. Bibiyan has a long and rich history in political activism. From driving the challenge to the Iraq War/RNC in Union Square in 2004, to helping the development of the Possess Development from the start in Washington DC. He trusts this will serve as a venturing stone for future political attempts.

\”Much obliged to you to everybody in the Green Party for getting this going. Serving the group and maintaining green beliefs will be a need.\”

Region Chamber individuals in Los Angeles Area are chosen from State Senate Locale by Green Gathering voters in the June presidential essential. The quantity of seats per region are corresponding to the quantity of Greens from every locale, contrasted with the whole area.

The Green Party of the Unified States is a grassroots national gathering. We\’re the gathering for \”We The General population,\” the strength of our planet, and future eras rather than the One Percent. We respect every one of the individuals who decline to acknowledge a decision constrained to the Two Gatherings of War and Money Road.

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