Tranquility49 PR Moves to New Broadway HQ

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Starting June 1, 2015, TRANQUILITY49 PR, a media-correspondences firm established in 2010 by Patrick A. Berzinski and partners, obtained another address in New York City.

Presently situated at 1745 Broadway, seventeenth Floor, in the vicinity of 55th and 56th Avenues, Tranquility49\’s turn is an outgrowth of its extending customer rundown and its expanding range of staff, imaginative partners and assistants.

\”We are working now, especially, with a striking gathering of gifted youngsters,\” said Berzinski. \”Our decentralized model of affiliations and associations has demonstrated its utility, particularly during a period of change for advertising and partnered interchanges ventures.\”

\”Our unique organization slogan, \’An Interchanges Boutique for the 21st Century,\’ still gives a decent rundown of what we\’re about,\” said Jennifer Esposito, Relate VP for Operations and Improvement. \”We as of late invited to our pool of partners a gathering of youthful experts who spend significant time in realistic and computerized configuration; web design; film, video and sound expressions; online networking and Search engine optimization; and performing expressions and occasion administration. The innovative power that goes in and around this gathering is a genuine wellspring of energy.\”

Among these gifted newcomers: Kelsey Holland, Relate for Outline and Computerized Design; Murphy McDaniel, Relate for Key Visual Interchanges; Jason Guzman, Relate for Video Expressions; Alba Pazmino, Relate for Media/Advertise Engagement; Barbara Carra, Relate for Media Procedure and Effort; and Michelle Santucci, Relate for Media, Occasions and Advancements.

Ms. Pazmino, a business-promoting understudy who is familiar with both English and Spanish, anticipates connecting with new gatherings of people in the interest of Tranquility49. \”My point is to build a scaffold to the Spanish-dialect media in the US, and additionally to serve as a represetative to customers and media shoppers abroad.\” With arrangements to start a bilingual blog by means of the T49 site, covering a variety of popular culture and way of life issues, Pazmino sees a chance to extend the Tranquility49 profile a long ways past its present extension.

Andrew Greenspan, Relate for Video/Sound Creation, has in truth shaped an expert organization together with Tranquility49 as the proprietor of Red Ivory Recordings Studios in South Nyack, NY.

Greenspan as of late overhauled his sound recording office to a best in class music-creation setting, and the associated organizations are looking for chances to recognize and deliver new melodic ability. The joint wander has as of now yielded a music video, a few occasion catches, and various limited time recordings, including two imminent online promos for Tranquility49 and Red Ivory Recordings.

To achieve Tranquility49 with any request, please call the new office number +1-212-519-8628 and request Ms. Jennifer Esposito. Tranquility49 UK can be come to by keeping in touch with Ms. Janet Ann Archdale,

Tranquility49, the \”correspondences boutique for the 21st century,\” is a wide range media-interchanges firm situated in the heart of New York City. For more data, please visit

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