US Green Card Office Announces The Upcoming DV-2018 Green Card Lottery Deadline is October 2016

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June 10, 2016
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June 11, 2016

Consistently in the US Bureau of States yearly Green Card Lottery (Assorted qualities Visa Program) in the vicinity of 100,000 and 125,000 applications are chosen as victors and up to 55,000 Green Cards (Changeless Residency Visas) are issued to new migrants from everywhere throughout the world.

The US Green Card Office is the first Green Card lottery benefit, giving the greater part of the data expected to enter the Differing qualities VISA LOTTERY. The association has as of late declared the due date for the 2016 Green Card Lottery is in October 2016 and is urging every potential candidate to join now.

For the vast majority, winning a Green Card would be a blessing from heaven. The Green Card Lottery is formally called the Differing qualities Migrant Visa Lottery, famously known as the Green Card Lottery. Every year, up to 55,000 Green Cards will be issued to individuals from everywhere throughout the world.

Tragically, every year, more than 60% of the 8-11 million candidates are precluded on account of blunders. The explanation behind this preclusion is that candidates round out the online application inaccurately or present a photograph that can\’t be affirmed. That is the reason well more than 200,000 individuals from everywhere throughout the world have utilized the US Green Card Office to present their application 100% blunder free.

\”Our organization was the first in the market to offer these administrations, backpedaling to 1998,\” said Michael Silverstone, representative for the US Green Card Office. \”We have served more than 200,000 clients, who saw direct that it was so vital to utilize an expert administration to present the Green Card Application. On the off chance that somebody were truly genuine about amplifying his or her odds of winning the Green Card Lottery, we would love to offer assistance. Simply make sure you meet the due date in October 2016.\”

The Green Card Lottery, as indicated by the association, is formally called the Assorted qualities Worker Visa Lottery. While it is allowed to apply for the lottery through the US Government site, there are many points of interest to utilizing the esteemed included administrations of the US Green Card Office. Only a couple of the benefits of utilizing the moderate administration, not accessible through the free US government site, include: a well ordered guide, simple enlistment, exhortation and direction in 20 dialects, photograph confirmation before accommodation, and much, a great deal more. An entire rundown and examination between the US Green Card Office\’s esteemed included administrations and the free administrations offered by the US government can be seen here.

The US Green Card Office likewise runs an exceptionally dynamic Facebook page, where customers are allowed to make inquiries and talk about their encounters with more than 75,000 individuals. Go along with us now on

The reaction to the US Green Card Office administrations has been extremely positive throughout the years. Redona Mema, initially from Albania, as of late stated, \”I am upbeat to have utilized the US Green Card Office to present my application in 2015, and I will again this year. My companion connected a couple of years back without utilizing this administration and was rejected. At any rate I know my odds are truly as well as can be expected be, all different things considered. I\’m certain that I will be a fortunate Green Card champ this year, so I can begin another life in Joined States. Five stars for the US Green Card Office.\”

For more data and to apply on the web, make certain to visit

US Green Card Office give you the most obvious opportunity to win the US Green Card Lottery so you can live and work in the USA. Apply the 2016 (DV-2018) Differing qualities Visa Program online today.

What is a Green Card?

A Green Card is a Changeless Living arrangement Visa of the U.S.A.. A Green Card will give you lawful appropriate to work and live for all time in the Unified States. Green Card holders get wellbeing, instruction and a few different advantages. In the event that you win a Green Card, you can apply for U.S. Citizenship at a later time. The Green Card does not influence your present citizenship. You and your family could be fortunate victors on the off chance that you demonstration promptly!

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