Vangtel Nearshoring Solutions to Provide Outsourced Business Support Services to Las Vegas Firm

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December 2, 2008
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Las Vegas, Nevada based NOS Interchanges, Inc. reports the Fantastic Opening of their \”Operational Bolster Center.\” NOS beforehand executed an underlying two-year contract for outsourced business support, or \”haven\” administrations, with Tucson, Arizona based Vangtel Nearshoring Arrangements, on September 23, 2008. Under the terms of the agreement, NOS will give Programming Improvement, Accumulations, Client Mind, Provisioning and Arrange Checking exercises to its worldwide clients inside the setting of Vangtel\’s Asylum Program at its Vangtel\’s office in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. Throughout the previous two months NOS has been experiencing broad occupant upgrades to the Vangtel space, including uniquely fabricated furniture and best in class specialized infrastruture.

Under the Safe house Program, customers focus on their center exercises, while Vangtel\’s experts are in charge of the assignments that are non-center, however basic, for the achievement of any business operation in Mexico. These include: HR administration and organization, finance administration, bookkeeping/impose administrations, permitting, government relations, coordinations and traditions issues, and in addition offices administration and acquirement administrations.

As indicated by George Cisler, the VP of System Administrations for NOS Interchanges, Inc., \”While there were numerous potential places in which we could have sited our office, we picked Hermosillo, Mexico because of a wealth of bilingual ability, various instructive offices, and additionally its physical area for simple entry and the impartial time zone to bolster US customer and collaborator association. Vangtel\’s \’safe house administrations\’ will empower us to concentrate completely on the center capabilities that keep us focused in our business sectors.\”

NOS Correspondences, Inc. was set up in 1992. The organization offers private and business broadcast communications administrations to retail clients, including: Household Long Separation benefit, Nearby Business Line retail, Toll Free administration, Cell phone benefit, Global calling, Calling Card administrations, and DSL Web access in the USA. Through the ANI Systems backup these same administrations are offered on a discount premise in America, while Blue Edge Telecom auxiliary offers Long Separation and Toll Free administrations in Canada, Joined Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

Vangtel is a Seaward Gathering Organization that gives outsourced business, or \”safe house\” administrations to organizations trying to outsource business forms and back office operations to Mexico. You can take in more about the organization and its administrations at:

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The Seaward Gathering has empowered organizations to build up and keep up operations in Mexico requiring little to no effort and hazard since 1986.

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