Volz DA 15-T Throttle Servo Selected for Orbital/Insitu N20 ScanEagle Engine

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Volz Servos GmbH & Co. KG was chosen by Orbital to supply our DA 15-T throttle servo for the new Orbital/Insitu N20 motor for ScanEagle. The Volz DA 15-T throttle servo uses a brushless engine and contactless position sensor for requesting \”on-motor\” throttle actuator establishments. The bigger DA 20-T throttle servo has been used for quite a long while by UAV motor makers as a result of its execution and dependability. The DA 15-T was as of late produced for SUAS motor applications that require a littler/lighter arrangement. The DA 15-T has been approved by Orbital on the ScanEagle motor application and finished FAR 33.49 motor solidness testing and in addition hot/chilly/EMI/EMC execution and flight testing. Volz has additionally approved this servo inside by seat testing for more than 4,000hrs and accomplishing more than 7 million load cycles without disappointment.

Phillipp Volz, Chief of Volz Servos expressed, \”We have been a provider to Orbital for quite a long while and are happy we could supply our new DA 15-T throttle servo to meet the requesting unwavering quality prerequisites of the new N20 ScanEagle motor.\” Phillipp went ahead to state, \”We are amped up for providing beginning generation volume for this new progressed UAV motor program.\” Stamp Juhrig, CTO of Volz Servos stated, \”We did some customization of this servo to meet Orbital\’s interface necessities\”. Stamp went ahead to state, \”every servo is 100% tried including HASS (profoundly quickened anxiety screening) and a nitty gritty information bundle is provided with every generation servo.\”

Volz Servos is a world pioneer in electro mechanical actuators and has been planning and assembling servo arrangements since 1983. Volz has picked up the notoriety for being the specialists in minimal, exceptionally proficient actuators. The actuators are \”Made in Germany\” under stringent quality controls (ISO 9001:2008) living up to their client\’s most noteworthy desires for quality and dependability.

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Phillipp Volz

PH: +49 69.985.580-0

Email: mail@volz-servos.com

Site: www.volz-servos.com


Sway Schmidt

PH. +1 810 441 1457

Email: bob@uavpropulsiontech.com

Site: www.uavpropulsiontech.com

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