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New protected Innovation beats pioneer\’s \”warmth and cool air purifier\” framework and all others.

Much the same as different contenders, edgar is a 3-in-1 gadget that deals with your air. It warms or cools, while cleansing your air, yet edgar is a genuine distinct advantage:

1-Its warmer does NOT dirty. The vast majority don\’t have a clue about that ALL radiators contaminate. They do.

2-Its radiator is the most vitality proficient innovation on the planet. That implies drastically bring down power bills.

3-It refines your air near flawlessness (99%), joining filtration and cleaning.

THE Leap forward


– Cross breed Alumina Artistic Innovation (HACT) is a super supported Alumina Fired radiator ready to warm a live with remarkable outcomes.

– Alumina Clay is actually an exceptionally solid, profoundly human-perfect material. This is the reason specialists crosswise over enterprises put a considerable measure of push to investigate approaches to influence its one of a kind qualities.It has been utilized for quite a long time for inserts in the body, and kitchen apparatuses (doesn\’t oxidize food= cooks without smoldering)

– In spite of different warmers, NO oxygen is included in making heat, thusly no arrival of dangerous substances or emanations (CO/carbon monoxide, CO2/carbon dioxide), no odor, simply clean warmth.

– Alumina has a 98+% warmth proficiency review, far above PTCs (63%), and Irons (88%). This implies near no warmth misfortune and a 35% less power utilization.

– Moistness Noticeable all around is ensured. It is notwithstanding delivering a tad bit of HO2. (no dry sinuses, no requirement for a humidifier)

– Shrewd air flow configuration permits to start delivering warm air immediately (4-5 seconds while consistent radiators take 40 seconds to 1 minute)

– Far infrareds consolidated with the delicate air blow makes it an exceptionally relieving and agreeable warmth.

– Overall licenses #2005-0015219, #1132694


At all circumstances, paying little heed to the warmth/cool mode:

– HEPA and carbon channels are cleaning the air

– Infrared lights are disinfecting it

– Result: 99% riddance of infections, microscopic organisms, clean…


– Compact

– Open air utilizes: porches, outdoors…

– Safe warmth won\’t smolder

– Childproof key bolt

– Auto-shutdown when tilted or accidently secured.

– Remote, Tactful size: H: 12.6\” x W: 13\” x D: 11\”, Delightful white

– Prepared to run with its first HEPA channel

WHY \”edgar, Your Air Steward\”?

edgar is the first of another sort of genuinely \”throughout the entire year\” Aircaretakers. He deals with your air, precisely the way you like it, warm or cool, yet constantly immaculate. He is more than a \”thing\”, he wants to think about it. We composed him for that. (Assist eras will demonstrate that point significantly further).

Visit our on-line stage to take in more and shop and watch our business: www.dearedgar.us

THE Innovator

Mr. You is an overall master in semiconductors and earthenware production, with more than 30 licenses added to his repertoire. He has committed his whole life to tackle Pottery super warmth conductivity nature. Up to this point, nobody had figured out how to lift its warming force with the goal that it can warm a space. Mr. You did it. It took him 8 years to build up the Half breed Alumina Fired Innovation (licensed in 2013). In Winter 2015, he propelled his first radiator in Korea – sold out in 3 months.

For tech. specialists or different inquisitive personalities: Watch Mr. You\’s video clarifying the diverse existing advancements and the hole with HACT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLVcXf2IxJY

THE Organization

Edgar is disseminated by COCCO US, the US base of COCCO Korea.

Mr. Kim, President US and Mr. You, President Korea have been long haul accomplices and share a typical energy for bringing advancements that change the name of the amusement. Their other significant current attempt is in the territory of hair excellence.


For us breathing unadulterated air is similarly as imperative as drinking immaculate water. Along these lines, our central goal is to make immaculate air as available as conceivable to however many individuals as would be prudent so that we as a whole can live with unadulterated air.

– Unadulterated Air begins at $395 for a 800W; $470 for a 1200W; $545 (initial costs). Extra rebates on the off chance that you buy a few Air Head servants.

– Elite Program for schools: pureAir4schools@dearEdgar.us

– For Workplaces or requests better than 10: pureAir4Biz@dearedgar.us

– For endowments: pureAir4all@dearEdgar.us to add a note to your cherished one!

SOLD on amazon and edgar store (dearedgar.myshopify.com)

CONTACT Data: Veronique Gautier, v@thebrandnalab.com. +1 917 434 6149

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