What\’s Next For 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick?

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The predominant story in games the previous few days has been the disputable choice of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to intentionally not remain amid the national song of devotion in a preseason amusement as an approach to dissent how blacks have been dealt with. It has created a firestorm of feedback for Kaepernick, who is fighting for a beginning employment and maybe even a program spot on the Niners. So what\’s next for him?

Will Kaepernick make the group when finished products are reported?

That is particularly easy to refute, which would have been unfathomable even two years prior when he was a rising whiz. Kaepernick is probably going to lose the QB fight with Blaine Gabbert. In spite of the fact that Gabbert not playing can be translated as a flag that he has won the beginning employment, mentor Chip Kelly said Gabbert had 30 more diversion reps than Kaepernick – who did not play the initial two preseason amusements due to shoulder soreness.


YES – 250

NO +170

What number of diversions will Kaepernick stay sitting amid the national song of devotion?

The NFL has no decide that a player must do as such, and the Niners say they regard his Kaepernick\’s entitlement to not remain for the song of devotion: \”In regarding such American standards as flexibility of religion and opportunity of expression, we perceive the privilege of a person to pick and take an interest, or not, in our festival of the national hymn.\”

What number of Recreations WILL KAEPERNICK REMAIN SIT?

0-2 Amusements: +125

3-5 Amusements: +110

6-8 Amusements: +275

9-11 Amusements: +450

12-14 Amusements: +750

15-17 Diversions: +1000

Will Kaepernick stay in the locker room each until the finish of the song of devotion?

Getting bombareded by the media is maybe the most noticeably bad conceivable thing that could happen to Kaepernick. The Niners said throughout the end of the week he can do what he needs while he\’s on the group, in spite of the fact that, there\’s a shot for Kaepernick to remain in the locker room and avoid the discussion.


YES: +180

NO: – 275

Will any colleague join Kaepernick in dissent?

The chances recorded at MyBookie have the YES recorded at – 200 and NO +140. Kaepernick isn\’t a whiz who checks with the support of the locker room, however that does not imply that some of his African-American colleagues to go along with him.

\”We as a whole have discussions about things like this all the time so I believe it\’s a greater thing freely than it is in the locker room,\” Niners collector Torrey Smith said for the current week.

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