Winners Announced in First-Annual $100,000 International Robot Art Competition

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May 16, 2016
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May 17, 2016 reports the champs of its first yearly $100,000 rivalry. The challenge tested specialists and architects to make a robot that painted with a craftsman\’s brush. Groups from around the globe reacted to the test by submitted more than seventy robot made works of art. The triumphant robots were resolved in light of a blend of open voting, proficient judges, and how well the group met the soul of the opposition – that is, to make something delightful utilizing a brush and manmade brainpower. As official rankings were counted, the triumphant groups were really worldwide with the main three groups dwelling in Asia, North America, and Europe.

In front of the rest of the competition and $30,000 was granted to TAIDA of Taiwan, an automated arm that painted in a way fundamentally the same as a traditional painter. The group drove by Ming-Jyun Hong of Taiwan National College, awed judges with the way that his robot utilized visual input to blend its own particular palette from a restricted choice of cyan, maroon, yellow, dark, and white paints. When it accomplished the craved shading, it would start by first setting down and underpainting before proceeding to a refinement layer. In the refinement layer the robot would over and over look at the photo drawn on the canvas with what it was endeavoring to paint to locate the most unique range, and after that attempt to make it less extraordinary, like how a traditional painter approaches finishing a canvas.

Second Place and $18,000 was granted to cloudPainter of the Assembled States. The most eminent part of cloudPainter, the formation of the father-child group of Pindar and Seeker Van Arman, was its self-governance. Pindar and Seeker endeavored to make a robot that was in charge of each part of the imaginative procedure. In two representations that they presented, their robot started by taking a few photographs of them, utilized its own tasteful criteria to choose its most loved photograph, trimmed the picture into its own particular one of a kind piece, and finished the depiction one stroke at once utilizing criticism circles. With the exception of the choice to make a representation, they modified their robot to autonomously settle on every single tasteful choice from start to finish.

Third Place and $12,000 was granted to NoRAA of Italy. The craftsman behind NoRAA, Patrick Tabarelli, made the robot to investigate the field in the middle of calculations and the physical world. While the first and second place robots focused on representational fine art, NoRAA\’s work was conceptual and amazingly prevalent with the expert judges. Judges Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire noticed that it was a case of \”fine art created BY a robot, as opposed to THROUGH a robot.\”

The rest of the $100,000 satchel was part between twelve groups to recognize outstanding commitments and included visual input pioneers e-David, understudy lead RHIT, Picassnake, EyePaint, Basic Yet Noteworthy, Organization of Automated Specialists, AI, artistBots, Pixobots, CM2, VIP, and Polar Printing Press. originator Andrew Conru takes note of that \”The consequences of this opposition demonstrate a huge stride in the headway of mechanical technology and manmade brainpower to make excellence. Furthermore the being geologically different, the way to deal with making workmanship that these robots took changed altogether, here and there in surprising energizing ways. A few robots focused on acing conventional painting strategies, others tried different things with simulated imagination, while others investigated the way of human/robot joint effort. I am energizing to perceive how new groups take in the current year\’s outcomes, and attempt to top them in one year from now\’s opposition.\”

More points of interest, quotes, pictures, and recordings of the robots and their craftsmanship can be found in the official prize declaration at

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