World Renowned Chef Andrew Zimmern Cooks Up Partnership with INNOVA Disc Golf

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Andrew Zimmern, the three-time James Whiskers Grant winning television character, creator, culinary expert, and instructor, is all around viewed as a standout amongst the most adaptable and proficient identities in the sustenance world. Zimmern additionally happens to be an eager circle golfer and is collaborating with Innova to be a VIP Represetative for the brand.

Plate golf is played much like customary golf, just players toss particular flying circles to explore the course. Every opening is finished when the circle arrives in a metal focus on that has strands of chains to get the plate in flight. Circle golf principles, scoring, and manners are generally fundamentally the same as conventional golf. The protest is to finished every gap, and at last the course, in the least number of tosses.

INNOVA is energized that Zimmern is joining its developing group of Big name Ministers, and together they will present one of the world\’s most moderate, family-accommodating open air exercises through a progression of outside celebrations and occasions.

\”As an eager plate golfer I\’m excited to be connected with the main brand in our game. All the more significantly Innova has their heart in the perfect place, they put stock in advancing the game so everybody wins, even their rivals. For Innova, this isn\’t about something besides developing the game by means of affiliations that bode well. Innova is additionally dedicated to my greatest objective which is to put unrecorded music, a circle golf ace am, sustenance tents and trucks, and instructional support and hardware deals together here in Minnesota for a day committed to philanthropy, social equity and having a ton of fun playing my most loved game.\”

– Andrew Zimmern

INNOVA underpins a system of authority ministers, a large portion of whom are specialists in assortment of limited time action including occasion administration, sponsorship, centers, course configuration, expos, and different grass roots-arranged advancement. There are likewise big name envoys, as Zimmern, who utilize their open stages to share their enthusiasm for the amusement.

\”We are pleased to have Andrew join the INNOVA group of diplomats. Together we will build our compass exponentially in the push to share this brilliant outlet for solid, open air entertainment.\”

– INNOVA Circle Golf

About Andrew Zimmern

A three-time James Facial hair Honor winning television character, gourmet specialist, essayist and educator, Andrew Zimmern is generally viewed as a standout amongst the most adaptable and learned identities in the nourishment world. As the maker, official maker and host of the Strange Sustenances establishment on Travel Channel (counting Unusual Nourishments with Andrew Zimmern, Andrew Zimmern\’s Odd World, Odd Nourishments America and the new Peculiar Nourishments: Flavorful Goals), and now Determined by Nourishment. Andrew has investigated societies in more than 150 nations, elevating impactful approaches to consider, make and live with sustenance.


INNOVA was shaped in 1983 to meet the creating gear needs of circle golfers. INNOVA President, Dave Dunipace, made the world\’s first plate outlined particularly for the circle golf. That first circle, the Hawk, built up INNOVA as the mechanical pacesetter in the diversion. Over 30 years after the fact, INNOVA keeps on being the most sought brand of plate golf circles and adornments all through the world.

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