edgescan Announces the Release of the Annual Vulnerability Statistics Report 2016

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edgescan, the main oversaw benefit (SaaS) supplier of joined constant application and host security that influences the best of innovation consolidated with human knowledge, today declared the arrival of the yearly Defenselessness Insights Report 2016.

It depends on vulnerabilities found in the course of recent months crosswise over more than 60,000 frameworks all around.

The report is one of a kind as it covers a \”fullstack\” perspective of digital security crosswise over web applications as well as supporting cloud and facilitating situations.

Key Takeaways:

– 15% of frameworks have a high or basic weakness.

– 95% of basic vulnerabilities are found in the web application layer.

– Encryption innovation is a noteworthy underlying driver of shortcoming and disintegration of protection.

– Old vulnerabilities, up to 9 years of age (from 2007), are as yet being found on generation frameworks.

The report can be downloaded here:


About edgescan ;

edgescan gives full-stack defenselessness administration comprehensively to a portion of the universes biggest associations. Joining propelled innovation with advisor aptitude, edgescan conveys application and facilitating environment security arrangements that lessen hazard, decrease cost and help guarantee the organization of secure applications, cloud stages and facilitating situations.

edgescan, is a product as-an administration stage giving element application security testing (DAST) and host layer helplessness administration. The organization is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, with accomplices over the U.S. also, Europe.

For more data on edgescan, please visit https://www.edgescan.com

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