iHorror App: The One Stop Shop Of Horrors For iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod Touch, Brought To You From One of the Most Prolific and Original Horror Producers In Hollywood, Charles Band & Full Moon

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April 16, 2010
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iHorror Application: The One Stop Shop of Detestations for iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod Touch, conveyed to you from productive awfulness makers in Hollywood, Charles Band and Full Moon

Rundown: Formally propelling Friday, April sixteenth, the iHorror application brings the universe of loathsomeness, science fiction, dream to cell phones for just 99 pennies. News, cuts, backdrops, traditions, and more. An intelligent, dynamic ordeal for fans and free craftsmen.

Twitter ReTweet (140 scorch): iHorror Application for iPhone and Droid conveys the universe of loathsomeness to you. Just 99 pennies! News traditions recordings movies fans backdrops music and more!

Formally propelling Friday, April sixteenth, the iHorror application brings the universe of loathsomeness, science fiction, and dream to your cell phone for just 99 pennies. Accessible for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Google Android, this application is conveyed to you from a standout amongst the most productive and unique frightfulness makers in Hollywood. For more than 30 years, Charles Band and Full Moon Highlights have made works of art, for example, The Manikin Ace arrangement, Trancers, Ghoulies, Re-Artist, Malicious Bong with Tommy Chong, and some more. Presently in 2010, Charles Band brings you iHorror: The goal for all things identified with the loathsomeness business!

The application highlights tradition data, access to many video cuts, backdrops, music, topics, and that\’s just the beginning. Only a single tick conveys you to the iTunes store to get basic full length movies from Nosferatu to The Sparkling. iHorror totals news, redesigns, and twitter nourishes from the most solid industry sources, for example, Fangoria, Ridiculous Sickening, Aint It Cool, Lament Mortuary, and FEARnet.

Past the official offerings, iHorror is an intuitive, dynamic ordeal for fans and free craftsmen. Tweets from fans are isolated from authority tweets, demonstrating to you the gossip process and the official statements. Clients can associate and collaborate on the Fan Divider. Producers will get the chance to have their YouTube and iTunes joins included. Groups can present their music, connections, and clasps. Check for redesigns frequently as significantly more components will be included the coming months. iHorror is a continually growing One Stop Shop of Revulsions!



iHorror is accessible for: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,

Download the iHorror application on iTunes for 99 pennies.

Download the iHorror Android application for your Google telephone for 99 pennies.

Google Seek: iHorror


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In 1989, Charles Band established Full Moon Creations. A pioneer in the field of home video, Band soon cooperated with Central Pictures and Pioneer Home Stimulation for direct-to-video discharges on VHS and Laserdisc. With upwards of twenty discharges for every year, Band has assembled a notoriety for being a productive and incessant chief of engaging low-spending class movies. Band has delivered right around 300 components differently digging into the domains of ghastliness, science fiction and dream. \”The Puppetmaster Arrangement\” might be his most celebrated and well known establishment. Having recently come back from China, Charles Band is crisp off the arrangement of the new Manikin Ace: Vile forces that be, the ninth film of the best direct to video awfulness establishment ever.

Charles Band has worked with a plenty of Hollywood stars and many worked with him BEFORE they were stars in their own privilege: Demi Moore, Sam Raimi, Viggo Mortenson, Helen Chase, Kelly Preston, Mariska Hargitay and that\’s just the beginning!

Full Moon has made numerous other surely understand establishments, for example, the TRANCERS arrangement featuring Helen Chase and Tim Thomerson, the SUBSPECIES arrangement shot on area in Transylvania Romania and also DOLLMAN, Satanic TOYS, KILLLJOY and THE GINGERDEADMAN (featuring Gary Busey as an executioner treat!). Full Moon titles are accessible at all real video retailer outlets, Blockbuster, and iTunes. Warner Advanced disseminates Full Moon movies for North America on Pay Per View and Video on Request, including Comcast, Time Warner, and At&t U-Verse. Notwithstanding all the component film work FULL MOON is likewise exceptionally dynamic in making and showcasing a wide assortment of stock including unique activity figures, pitch statues and 1:1 scale imitations of its all the more outstanding manikins and dolls.

Download the iHorror application on iTunes for 99 pennies.

Download the Android adaptation for your Google telephone at Versatile Roadie.

Google Look: iHorror Android


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