iPortfolio Secures Distribution Contract of Travel Contents with KBS-Travalloon: A Step Forward to Smart Travel Contents

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June 12, 2015
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June 13, 2015

iPortfolio (president Kim Sung-yoon) secured a supply contract of KBS program arrangement \”A Stroll the world over\” on June 21 through Travalloon, the organization\’s portable travel application. The organization will convey the program as brilliant substance.

Through this agreement, \”A Stroll the world over,\” which secured 150 nations amid the previous decade, will be re-altered as video clasps that are enhanced for more than 10,000 cell phones. They will be given to explorers\’ shrewd gadgets as multi-dialect content, in view of area by means of Travalloon\’s application.

KBS will cut the past and new scenes of \”A Stroll the world over\” in view of area. The scenes will be re-altered as video clasps, which are streamlined for cell phones, and will make meta information.

In the interim, iPortfolio will build meta information servers, build up the Watch Menu, having some expertise in travel recordings on Travalloon application, and will be accountable for administration.

This is an incredible case of making another sort of keen substance that joins the upsides of a telecaster\’s top notch content and a start-up\’s travel versatile innovation.

Also, it is accepting incredible ballyhoo, as it expects to reproduce brilliant projects in another arrangement, and to give them to versatile clients and existing Watchers at home.

With this venture, KBS is planning to get new circulation channels for culture programs by securing cell phone clients and growing media scope past television. Likewise, the organization hopes to enhance correspondence with its viewers and raise the Web achieve rate by utilizing cross media. Besides, the organization is expecting additionally promoting income.

iPortfolio will add to its qualities by creating travel-particular recordings by means of Travalloon. The organization views this as a significant chance to draw in more remote individuals to Travalloon.

After the agreement is marked, KBS and iPortfolio will plan and build up their substance. At that point, they will give new administrations by means of the application before the finish of June.

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